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Greetings, dear denizens of MotK. I am the all-seeing Reddyne, blessed with the gift of foresight. I know all things from the creation of our universe to its heat death, and even why kids love Cinnamon Toast Crunch. Seek my wisdom, and I shall reveal unto thee thine fate. But beware, for not all who know will be satisfied. They may even be terrified of what destiny has in store for them. Or moderately indifferent. Or have that slightly itchy feeling you get when someone posts pictures of bugs. Bestow me with a list of thine top 10 Touhous and I shall read your fate in the stars. Your future, death, and final words, as well as lucky number and color shall then be revealed unto us all.

In order most-fave first:

2. Kaguya
3. Cirno
4. Nitori
5. Eirin
6. Hatate
7. Mystia
8. Sanae
9. Marisa
10. Reimu

1. Yukari
2. Mokou
3. Youmu
4. Ran
5. Akyu
6. Chen
7. Reimu
8. Kasen
(9). Cirno
10. Sakuya

Yes I have a wonderful destiny.

01. Alice Margatroid
02. Yukari Yakumo
03. Cirno
04. Mima
05. Nitori Kawashiro
06. Byakuren Hijiri
07. Koishi Komeiji
08. Flandre Scarlet
09. Mystia Lorelei
10. Daiyousei

May be a bit of an outdated list but nonetheless here.

1. Marisa
2. Reimu
3. Yukari
4. Parsee
5. Remilia
6. Flandre
7. Ran
8. Yuyuko
9. Youmu
10. Hong


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