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Good evening!

Tonight we will peel back the carefully crafted You that you show the world like a Samoan would peel a ripe papaya and reveal the sick, twisted, unspeakable horrors that lay within your subconscious mind. That's right: I, renowned pioneer of the mind sciences and dedicated Touhou fan Sigmund Freud, will plummet the depths of your soul, rappelling down a rope of  piercing insight with one of those miner's hats on, the kind that has the light in front, in order to discover your inner demons.

Tell the good doctor why you love your favorite Touhous, and you will be given a psychoanalysis based on your responses. Reveal no other personal information about yourself, your state of mind, or your life conditions. This is pure Gensokyan psychiatry - even better than science itself.

So! Let's hear it. Stretch out on this fine, leather couch, pardon me as a light a pen- A CIGAR. IT'S JUST A CIGAR - and tell the good doctor: why is she your favorite?

Can't you lose your license for this?

She is my favorite because her spellcard background is a GIANT MOKOU FACE.  It is Giant, and Mokou, and Face, and therefore fantastic.

My favourite is most obviously Mrs. Kogasa Tatara because she's ridiculously cute and I kinda always felt an attachment to her ever since I saw her in UFO about a year ago  :derp:
Now please disassemble my subconscious, I look forward to it :P

I like a lot of different characters, but I'm drawn to Koishi, Byakuren,  Nue, Kana, and Mystia. Koishi because her power is very interesting, Byakuren because of her personality and her goal of wanting equality between humans and youkai, Nue because even though I'm not mischievous myself, I like that mischievous quality in her; Kana because she seems really nice and for some reason I like to imagine what it would be like if she lived with me, and Mystia because she's adorable. Is that too much?

Shizumarashi Mayuzumi:
Because SCIENCE! (... though maybe she's more engineering? hmm.)


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