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CPSS4: Live Free or Secret Hard! (OPEN THEM NOW!)

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--- Quote from: theshim on January 06, 2013, 07:33:42 AM ---A BOMB
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Get out of there!

thanks again nevindr! one day i have to...find somewhere to put the wallscroll of awesomeness. one day-

--- Quote from: NegaZero on January 05, 2013, 03:45:58 AM ---Glad you liked them!

And thanks again for the coffee venappo! The instant coffee is great, and the UCC brand stuff was delicious.

--- End quote ---
i'm glad its nice, i've never tried it  :3 only the canned ones hehe
If only I could have sent you the local coffee we have here ;_; i found them being sold after i sent the package lols

Another successful year, gang. This time with even more than the usual number of people, which means a good deal more newcomers, too.

It finally arrived! Sorry it took so long, if I would have known I would have swam there and delivered it myself, would have been faster. I've been checking the tracking for a while expecting it to end up back at my house but I'm glad it made it.

My whole family was jealous of this secret santa thing, they really thought this was cool. Now that I'm back home I'm going to get working on Imosa's present!

Rin Kagamine:
I'd say it's about time to wrap this thread up. Thanks again to everyone for participating!

See you again in November!


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