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The Promised Heir [Non-Touhou] [Original]
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It's been a long time since I've tried to write a story here. I just sorta gave up on my previous efforts, and decided to focus on more original works. This is something I've been working on for a few years, so I hope you all enjoy it.

The Promised Heir
Chapter 1:Devil's Desire.

Dialadir looked out the window and upon the ancient Hellian landscape that he called home. He had to admit, it was rather peaceful, living in the shadows of what had once been the mighty capital city. The cobbled grey stones cast off the reflection of the dim light that overhung the grey clouds. The ancient ruins, long since destroyed and in desolation now lay alongside more modern buildings, where the rest of his kind went to and fro. Ancient temples loomed over the simple structure buildings that he and his species had built for themselves, as a reminder of the past? The bloodied, scarred past.

They were one of the many races that lurked in the ancient remains of Old Hell. For humanity, they knew them from a myriad of names: Ogres, Orcs, Giants, Oni? Large towering humanoids with the strength of a hundred men, and the liver to survive a hundred drinks, they were feared and respected even among their demonic neighbors. They told no lies, for they honored the truth above all else, even above a good drink, and a better fight. In more ancient times, they had been called the Galtor, but as the ages passed, slowly they adopted the Oni title for themselves, and the old name faded from use.

At one point, they had lived far and wide across the Underworld, from the darkest corners of the abyss, to the thriving capital of Makai. Many of them, like their fellow creatures, even lived on the surface world alongside mankind. They traded for wealth, for information, and for mutual benefit. It was a time of peace, of prosperity for all races.

And then, came the wars, both above and below. Mankind and the dragons above struggled over control of the surface, and all others were caught in the crossfire. Many, including the Oni, were forced to flee below the surface to survive, while others stayed above to fight for the thrill of the battle, only to lose their lives in the long struggle ahead. At the same time, the underworld itself entered a vicious, bloody cycle of death and destruction as the war for the empty Throne of Hell emerged. With the mysterious vanishing of Lord Lucifer, the very maker of Hell, countless demons, spirits, monsters, and ghouls struggled to gain supremacy over the very throne, to become the most powerful entities in the Underworld. Chaos and despair spread like wildfire, consuming all in their path. For three million years, the wars raged on, and the Oni fled into the darkest depths of the Underworld, into the long destroyed remains of Old Hell, to sit out and wait the endless chaos.

The war on the surface ended first. The dragon lords that once ruled half the world were no more, and with them, vanished most of the life that once lived upon the surface. Mankind had emerged the winner, after being driven to near extinction, but it had come at a most gruesome cost? The very gods that had kept the world in balance were worn thin by calamity after calamity, and in the end, those that survived cut all ties off with the earth to preserve themselves, leaving the planet a dying world on the edge of life. The Oni shied away from this desolate landscape, and found it worse than where they already dwelled .

The war below raged on. Those who claimed the throne only found themselves disposed of and replaced by another within days, weeks, or months. Stability was a forgotten hope for those who survived in the ancient demonic city. Warriors great and mighty rose from the depths, or came from above to claim it for themselves, but none could hold onto it for long. There was always someone greater in the shadows, someone who waited for the right moment to plunge the deadly knife into the back of the current ruler. Until twenty years ago, when at long last, the deadly chain was broke. A ruler stepped forth, and toppled the tyrant who had seized the throne time and time again. Now this new ruler, cold in heart and cruel in mind, ruled the great Underworld with an iron fist, but knew that trouble was on the horizon. For during the final hours of the war, an Oni warrior had cursed the ruler out with an omen before he died by their hands. ?When the twin horned child of white seizes the throne from the Frozen Lord, then all of the Underworld shall thrive in peace.?

That was what Dialadir repeated to himself as he sat upon the chair in his living room. The terrible events rang through the grizzled Oni general?s mind, again and again, like an endless chorus that refused to silence itself. He shook his head, trying to stop it, but it persisted on, refusing to leave, refusing to be silenced.

?Dialadir, is something the matter?? The voice of his wife finally stopped the cycle of events. He turned, and saw her standing by the doorway, a hand placed on the side of the wooden frame. She was short for her kind, only standing in at a mere five and a half feet in height, and as Dialadir stood up, she only came to his chest, yet she still bore the classic marks of her species despite her more human appearance. A thin red horn jutted from her forehead, five inches in length, and her hair was short and blonde against her tanned, trimmed body and neck. ?You look troubled, like something is agitating you. Is it? about our child??

Dialadir nodded. He was a standard specimen of his kind, a far more rugged, monstrous entity to his wife, Charin. He was to her what a caveman was to a modern human being, yet was dressed in ornate robes and garments.. His eyes were thick and heavy, and the horn from his head twisted upward like a narwhal's, twice as long as his wife?s. Each arm was thick and hard with muscles, muscles that could break rock between them. ?I wish it was not the case.? The old general sighed. ?It is just? I remember my brother?s words from that day, twenty years ago. I saw him pay the price for trying to take the throne for himself. And now, our kind, our city suffers because of him.?

?Don?t say such words of your brother.? Charin silenced him with a finger over his lips. ?He had every right to say them to our current ruler, who holds no honor herself. She does not deserve the throne, not after the trickery and deceit she pulled to obtain it. She is a coward, a thief who refuses to play by the rules of war and hides behind those stronger than her to accomplish what she desires. Such a person is unfit to take the throne or to even contend for it and should be cursed to the end of days.?

Dialadir couldn?t help but nod. Everything his wife said was true, and he couldn?t deny it. But he didn?t want to think on that right now, not on the current state of Hell, not of the leadership that was now in charge, not on any of it, but that which worried him the most. ?How are the twins doing? Still asleep?? He asked.

Charin nodded, a thin smile etched on her otherwise stoic face. ?They are enjoying their rest together. I need my own rest? but I know I can?t keep my eyes off them, not when they are so dependent on me, so helpless as the babies they are...? She stopped, then looked over at Dialadir with a stern look. ?We?re running out of medicine for them? Could you head out and get some tomorrow??
?Of course I can.? He said. Ever since the twins had been born a few weeks ago, they had been ill. Vomiting, rashes, ruined diapers, the sickness simply had never ended. Thankfully, some of the neighbors had been kind enough to hand them over herbal medication to handle the symptoms, but as it was, they had no idea what was causing it. ?I?ll go right now and get some medicine for them.? He turned, and began to walk out the door. ?It won?t take long. I should be back in half an-?
A loud sound, a sort of knocking noise, rang from the front of the house. Both Charin and Dialadir turned to face it, their eyes narrowed. No one visited at this hour, not so late at night. With a look over at her, Charin nodded, and Dialadir went toward the oaken door, before opening it.
?Why, hello to you this fine night hour.? A voice hissed from below. Dialadir shifted his gaze down, and his face twisted into one of disgust. Standing a head below him was a hooded figure, one with a long narrow head with a tapering crest at the end. A clawed wing unfurled from under the robes, holding an ink stained feather, while the other wing, olive green in color and covered in scales, clenched a notebook of sorts. He was half a head taller than his wife, yet still quite shorter than Dialadir was. The crested head looked up, revealing a mouth filled with sharpened teeth, twisted in a smile few would truth. ?I am great to see that the man of the house is here. It?ll make things so much simpler.?
?Let me guess, you are here for the annual census of our people? Here to see how many are in this house?? Dialadir glared at him, holding back the temptation to strike the winged cretin where he stood. Every year he came, examining all the Oni in the city and seeing just how many were there. He claimed it was just for representation, but everyone knew the truth. He looked past the demon, and could see that his neighbors, his fellow Oni, were also watching, many holding themselves back from attacking the fiend as well, their muscles twitching and strained as they could only watch. If only they could be rid of this pest once and for all? but as it stood, he was the public mouth of the Ruler of Hell in these areas. Were something to happen to him, they would all suffer far worse, and as it stood, they didn?t stand a chance against what would be brought against them.
?Ah, but of course.? The winged demon said in what seemed to be genuine honesty. ?You know how it is. Lord Persephone is interested in seeing how many reside within the lands she rules, so she sends me around to see how many are around? So tell me, do you have any new additions to the household? My nose picks up some new scents inside, some that weren?t there last year. New flowers, maybe, or a new pet??
?We have? a new pair of twins.? Dialadir bluntly said. There was no use lying to him, even if it weren?t against the nature of his kind. Each and every time they had insisted there were no new arrivals the previous year, he would inspect the place regardless, usually with someone else beside him. It was odd, however, that this time there was no one alongside the winged creature. Something wasn?t right, something he wasn?t seeing? ?They are both sick right now, and are resting, so if you would come by another time-?
?I am afraid that is not acceptable.? The demon pushed past the Oni, making his way into the house. ?I must come back to the palace to report, and then I will be busy until the next year. I am very interested in seeing these twins, however. I, Karzahni, will not take no for an answer, for I must see all new developments, and take note, for Lord Persephone wants to know everything. Is that not acceptable, for your ruler to know of what occurs down here at this time?? Karzahni let a thin smile spread as he shifted the robes around as we walked down the hallway, thin serpentine tail sliding behind him on the Hellian wood. ?Besides, I love seeing babies, especially twins. Just the cutest things around.?
Dialadir held back the urge to grab the gremlin and break his neck then and there. He would have, had he not heard the wood above his head creak and groan. Each house built by an Oni was nearly identical to one another, two stories in height, with the second floor being used for storage. For them, the storage room in their house was empty, bar a few useless trinkets that lay flat on the ground, unable to move. The fact he could hear footsteps above him, meant there was someone up there, and seeing as he could see his wife across from him, her eyes also trained above, everything clicked into place. The other person was already inside, ready to make a move if necessary. That was the only possible explanation that came to both Oni?s minds.
If the intruder were a weak one, they could easily handle both Karzahni and it? but there lay the problem. They knew not who or what the intruder was above them, or worse, how powerful it was. All the cards were in Karzahni?s hands, and they knew not what those cards were. All they could do now was go along with what he said, or else risk losing everything. ?Okay them. Charin, show him where the twins are sleeping.?
?Okay.? His wife said, before turning and leading Karzahni down the hall. Each step seemed to drag for both her and Dialadir, time itself slowing down to a crawl. Their hearts ached from what they were doing, but each time they thought of trying to do something, to go against what they were doing, all they needed was the groaning echoes of the footsteps above, following their path , to get them to think otherwise. ?But, please be quiet. I don?t want to wake up the babies.?
?Oh, don?t you worry.? Karzahni whispered, a grin barely visible on his toothy maw. ?I won?t do anything to them. Just have a look, take down notes, and be on my way. That is how my business is done. I don?t like getting physical, especially with such honest and truthful people as yourselves.?
They both ignored the lies he spoke, until after rounding a corner, came to a closed door. Charin grabbed the door knob, and slowly opened it. Inside was a room where a sole candle glowed, casting a dim, ghastly light upon the room. Toys of various sorts, mostly balls and animals lay around the floor, and in the middle of the room was a crib, with a blanket draped over the middle. The blanket was rising, then falling, at a rhythm identical to a heartbeat. ?Here they are. As you can see, they are fast asleep like we said.?
?I can tell.? Karzahni said, voice low and nearly silent as he took a sniff of the air, before clutching his nose. ?You are right as well. They are sick. I will make my business here quick and fast. May I take a glimpse at them? It is all I wish to do.?
Dialadir looked at Charin. Charin looked back at Dialadir, then over at the crib. Neither wanted to take off the bed sheet. They knew what would happen if they did so. ?We can?t. They are resting and tired. If we take off the bed sheet now, they will wake up screaming, and it will take hours to get them back to sleep. It is not worth it. Just take our word for it, and please leave so we can get back to our routine.? Charin asked, voice tired and wearing thin of Karzahni?s presence.
The tone was not missed by the demon. ?I cannot, nor will I. It is by law of her highness that things go this way, and I shall look at these twins wherever you insist or not.? He snapped. He moved like a blur, one moment at the doorway, the next beside the crib, and with a single swipe of the claws, snatched the blanket up and threw it aside. ?There, now was that too hard? The blanket is removed, and they are still asle-? He cut himself off as his eyes drifted down toward the crib, before the irises began to widen.
There, sound asleep and cuddled up to one another, were two baby Oni, both girls by the scent of things. They were slightly larger than human babies of the same age, over a foot in height, and plump as well. Their skin was white as snow, their hair that was already beginning to grow from their scalps of the same color. But it was the horns that caught Karzahni?s attention.

Most Oni by nature had only one horn, a single structure made of cartilage and hardened bone that grew out of the skull. No two Oni shared the same kind of horn, with them ranging from spiraling tusks to short blunt stubs, to only a mere bump on the head to signal that there would be a horn there. Sometimes the horn was on the front of the head, other times it was on the side. But on these two babies, was a first for him. They both wielded two horns, mere blunt protrusions from the skull.

?You have seen our children up close and personal.? Dialadir said, voice barely holding back the anger in his heart as he grabbed Karzahni and pulled him away. ?You have seen what you have wanted, now we ask that you leave.?

?Oh, I will. I will leave now.? Karzahni said, eyes darting from the parents to the children. ?But, you see. This is quite the unusual occurrence. Twin horned, white bodied Oni. It?s a special occurrence. An event none would ever think possible. So I am afraid I have one final request to ask of both of you.? He said as he began to walk away, body now in the doorway.?
?And what is it? What else do you want from us? You have come in uninvited, and nearly awoken the children! What else is there for you to do here?? Charin growled, fist clenched tight. She knew in her gut what he was about to say?
?That is simple, my dear. You see, Lord Persephone has issued a new rule.? Karzahni said as he twisted back around. His red eyes leered out at both Oni, and he turned his head into a sneering grin. ?All Oni children that are white bodied with twin horns are to be brought to her, alive or dead. No exceptions. Your twins are coming with me, wherever you like it or not.?
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Why... why must weak humans destroy their world? Why can they not preserve that which they see so dear to them? Why must all life perish before immortality?


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Re: The Promised Heir [Non-Touhou] [Original]
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Chapter 2: The Massacre

?Would you mind repeating that again? I had no idea you were so eager to die here.? Dialadir said as he and his wife stood between the crib and Karzahni. Both Oni were like a stone wall, an impregnable line of defense against the intruder that glared daggers at them. Their muscles rippled and tensed beneath their clothes, waiting for their foe to make the first move. If he did so, they both knew he wouldn?t last. ?We will give you, and Lord Persephone, one warning and one warning only. Leave, and never bother us or the rest of this village again, or we will show you no mercy.?

Karzahni shifted his gaze from Dialadir to Charin, and back again. The cloak he wore unfurled, and both of his arms spread out, emerald wings that, as Dialadir noticed, lacked any muscle on them. ?I fear you fail to realize the position you are in, Oni.? Karzahni sneered, what had once been a generous tone now dissolved into one of mockery and smugness. With a single flap of the wings, he was airborne, head brushing against the roof of the room, and jaws dripping with saliva. ?It is both of you who are outmatched and hopeless against me. If you both leave, and allow me to take the babies, then everyone in this village shall be spared. Otherwise, none of you shall live to see another da-?

A bowl hurled at his head cut him off, thrown too fast for him to react. The demon crumpled to the ground as the bowl smashed into pieces. Dialadir stepped forward, and grabbed the downed demon by the neck before picking him up, eye to eye. The thick burly hands of the Oni tightened around the demon?s neck, constricting the windpipe and denying him precious air. ?You have made a grave mistake, dog of the devil.? Dialadir growled.

To his surprise, Karzahni?s maw twisted into a crooked smile even with a stream of blood trickling down his face.  ?No, it is? you who have made their last mistake.?

A jagged scream ripped through Dialadir?s mind, and he turned to where Charin had been. Just moments ago, she had been standing there by his side? and now, she had vanished, the only thing left being a large hole in the ceiling. ?Charin!? Dialadir shouted, fear gripping his heart. But with his mind taken off his prisoner, he left himself open for attack. A swipe from Karzahni?s wing dug into his face, and caused the Oni to stagger back, letting go of the demon in the process.

?Much better.? Karzahni coughed as he flew upon the crib. In each clawed foot he grabbed a child, but as he did so, one of the talons dug into the child?s forehead, causing her to scream as a thin cut was left in its place. ?Now, I shall leave you to Minos. My work here is done.? The demon snarled as he flew up into the hole in the ceiling.

?No, get back here!? Dialadir shouted, but as he was about to leap up, something else leaped down. Before he could react, the figure sent a fist into Dialadir?s midsection. All the air in his lungs was knocked out, and the next thing he knew, he was outside, lying among the wreckage of what had once been the wall of his house. He spat out blood from his mouth. That punch? whoever had thrown it was strong, ungodly strong.

As he got up, a sound alien to him caught his attention, more like a roar than anything. He turned in the direction of his house, and his eyes widened. Standing in the hole in his wall was another demon, one as tall as Dialadir. It seemed humanoid in appearance, from what could be seen past the tattered cloak that covered its body. A large white mask devoid of features covered its face except for the mouth, which lay open, revealing jagged teeth and a forked tongue flickering in and out.

A forked tongue and teeth drenched in Charin?s blood, Dialadir realized.

The creature lunged, fangs bared red in the Hellian sunlight. Dialadir swerved just in time to avoid it, then bright both of his fists into the side of its head. The blow knocked the demon back, but to Dialadir?s surprise, it recovered within moments, and slashed away at his chest with razor bladed claws . Dialadir snarled as the talons ripped through his hardened flesh, spilling out rich crimson blood. Already, he was realizing this was no ordinary demon; This was something else entirely. He grabbed at the neck of the creature, and began to squeeze with enough force to rend metal apart.

The choke didn't last longer than a moment.  His opponent raised up a similarly taloned foot, and kicked him in the gut. Once more Dialadir found himself sprawling several dozen meters away. He began to get up, but realized there was something on his chest. He reached and grabbed the squishy, wet flesh that was there.

His own entrails.

He looked down at his own internal organs. Such an injury would be fatal to most creatures, but as an Oni, he would survive if he got medical attention. But... for this thing, this demon to gut him so effortlessly... What WAS it? What was this monster?

A snort brought his attention back to reality.  His assailant  was shaking its head as it staggered the side. Long crimson hair flowed out from behind the mask. A low moan came from the demon as it stabilized itself, then turned back to face Dialadir. Now a venomous snarl reverberated from behind the mask,  the creature charged. Dialadir was shocked by the speed of the fiend The several dozen meters between it and him was covered within seconds, and the demon showed no signs of stopping, claws outstretched and fangs bared.

Dialadir knew that in his current state, he couldn't fend off at attack, not one so fast. He braced himself for impact, but at the last moment the fiend was bowled over to the side by another Oni. The creature howled and snapped as it tumbled across the dusty ground, only to find itself set upon by more and more Oni. They came by the dozens, from the houses and the ancient worn down ruins that were Old Hell, cursing for the monster's blood and descending on it as a vengeful horde.

?General, leave this monster to us. We won?t let this pet of Persephone lay another hand on you!? A large armored Oni shouted from the midst of the group. Armed with spears and axes, they threw themselves at the monster, pushing it further and further away from Dialadir. The creature snapped and howled, swatting at the weapons as they came, but for each weapon it deflected, another stabbed in, cutting at the cloak, and slashing at its flesh.

Dialadir could only sit there,stunned at the sight. His men... His soldiers from campaigns long lost had come to his aid. Men who had been with him for hundreds of years now laid their own lives on the line to stop this nightmare and protect him. "Thank... Thank you." He weakly called out.

"Dialadir!" A familiar voice rang in his ears. He turned, and gasped as he noticed one particular figure approach him. It was Charin, face bloodied and her horn shattered, but otherwise okay. She ran over to Dialadir, and helped him up.  He smiled, tears flowing down his face. She was alive, his beloved alive. ?By the  gods? That monster did that to you. I had no idea-?

?It?s alright.? Dialadir groaned as he began to stuff his entrails back into the open wound. It stung, but it was better than leaving them hanging. It would suffice for now, until actual care was given. ?I?ve been through worse than this.? He was panting heavily, and resisted the urge to lie back down on his back. Everything hurt, but especially the stomach. Had he not been so used to such grave injuries, he would have been paralyzed from pain alone. But those fights were simple, easy for him to predict and deal with, not like this. Never had he faced a situation like this before. No battle he had been in, no force he had faced, was like this, nor had the stakes been as high as they were now. The children were in peril, but in the condition they were in-

A predatory howl brought both husband and wife?s attentions back over to the fight that was occurring. The creature was staggering back, head thrust upward and screaming as four spears were thrust into its chest, right through the heart. It stepped backward, the golden eyes behind the mask spinning wildly  as it clawed at the weapons stuck within. One of the Oni captains, sensing victory was near, aimed his axe at the head of the fiend, and swung with all his might.

It was the last mistake he ever made.

The axe stopped mere inches from the monster's body. A clawed hand had caught the head, and the claws dug into the metal. The Oni tried to yank it away, but even with both hands, it didn't budge. With a deafening roar, the fiend twisted its body, grabbing the oni and hurling him into the others. Once on the defensive, now the creature took to the offensive, with renewed speed and grace. Spears were thrust at it, but it seemed to dance around them, avoiding each hit as they came. The claws flashed in the air, and the nearest Oni's heads rolled off their shoulders. One that tried to come from behind had its chest ripped into with a stolen axe, and another had powerful jaws clamp on its throat and crushed, before the body was turned into a bludgeon.

Dialadir and Charin could only stand there and watch, eyes widened with fear. They tried to will their bodies to run, to flee from what they were seeing, but they refused to cooperate. It was as if they were paralyzed in all but the brain itself. Blood splattered on their faces, until at last, there was only stillness. Everyone they had known their entire lives lay dead at the feet of this fiend, this monster Karzahni had called Minos, drenched in a pool of blood and gore. The odor of blood was overpowering, and made them sick.

And then, Minos turned its gaze toward them, and bared its fangs, before dropping the axe and the body. Both of its hands grabbed two of the four spears in its chest, and ripped it out, bits of meat and muscle still on the hooks of the spears. It looked down at the spears, and threw them aside, before advancing toward the fear stricken Oni.

?Get away from us!? Dialadir shouted as his body finally gained control, and he threw a punch at the advancing Minos. This time, the caught caught the punch in one hand, then with little effort flung the Oni general off to the side. Charin?s eyes widened, and she screamed out her husband?s name as he smashed through a stone pillar, only to look back as Minos charged right at her, jaws wide agape.


Karzahni let out a long winded sigh as he finally landed. He turned, and looked over at the Oni village that was nestled in the heart of Old Hell. ?Good riddance.? He spat, as he looked down at the pair of children he had placed on the ground. They were still crying, and he gritted his teeth. ?Annoying pests! I should just dash you lot against the ground! I don?t have to go to that blasted village of meat heats again! Heck, I?d be happy if it just burnt to the ground right no-?

He was cut off as a pillar of flames rose up from where the village had been. Karzahni?s eyes widened for a moment, and then he shook his head. ?Stupid Minos, having to go make a flashy scene. We were supposed to make things simply and clean, not create a goddamn crater along the way! Seriously, I?m beginning to wonder if she?s even capable of being subtle.?

A hit to the back of the head caused him to turn around, and he quickly resented making that comment. There stood Minos, the cloak that had been covering it was gone, no doubt burned away in the explosion. What remained was a woman, a very human looking woman much to Karzahni?s ire, but still with the pale white mask covering her upper face. Scarlet hair that flowed past the head fluttered in the gentle breeze, and her golden eyes looked upon Karzahni with a gaze he was afraid of trying to interpret. She wore a short reddish blue skirt and a dark, ornate dress that covered her body down to the knees. Were it not for the raw opened wound on her chest and the cuts across her arms and legs, one would have assumed she was a human in a very strange place.

Her hands, long and slender, gripped tightly, and she took a step forward in bare feet, her mouth slightly agape, and eyes closing as she took a deep breath, before opening once more, now upon the babies that were at Karzahni?s feet. She hissed lightly, and stepped forward to examine them, sniffing the infants.

"You want them? Do with them as you please." Karzahni turned away, both winged hands over his head. "But just make them shut up! I can't take this wailing!"

Minos looked at the winged demon, and rumbled.  She reached down, and picked up both of them, cradling them against her chest. This simple action had an effect that surprised Karzahni: They both quickly went quiet, and fell back asleep.

?Thank you for that.? Karzahni spat as he began to walk off, wings held tightly against his body. ?I thought they?d never shut up. My poor sanity was going to be taxed to no end!? He turned back to Minos, and he tilted his head. ?So, who will be the one to dash these figures off a cliff? I?d guess it would be you, since you are the one who made this valuable operation possi-?

He was cut off as Minos snarled at him, before turning away, keeping the babies out of his line of sight. That began to ring alarm bells in the demon?s mind. ?Oh no. No no no no no!? Karzahni snapped. He began to walk forward toward Minos, fingers resisting the urge to gouge something out of the ground, or worse his own flesh. ?I have been chief advisor for every single ruler of Hell since Lord Lucifer himself. I know how these prophecies tend to go, and I have dealt with more than my fair share of them involving a chosen one! Letting them live is paramount to disaster, Minos! Killing them now, and making sure of it is the only way this is going to end well! Are you even listening to me!? Please don?t tell me you plan on taking in these Oni children as your own? Because if you are, then that is a grave mistake. Grave indeed. I, Karzahni, must implore you to consider other op-?

He was silenced with a hand to the throat. Minos brought the demon up to her face, and began to growl, teeth still crimson with the blood of Oni. It took every bit of willpower from the lesser demon not to soil himself. Despite how human she looked, there was no denying how terrifying Minos was, and how stubborn as well. He had no choice, but to give in. ?Very well then. Just? Inform Lord Persephone of this decision. At least listen to her words before trying something this unorthodox.? He quietly groveled.

With that, Minos let him go, allowing the demon to gasp for air and rub his throat. With the twin Oni children held close, she began to walk off, rubbing her lower jaw against them and purring gently. Karzahni took one last look at the burning Oni village, and quickly followed her. There were always more Oni out there, but with their primary village in ashes, their race was no longer a factor to be considered; one less source of threat for Lord Persephone to handle. And yet, Karzahni still found himself baffled by Minos?s actions. Just what the hell WAS she?! She looked so human, the very species Karzahni loathed and despised, and yet she was far more brutal and terrifying than any demon he had ever met. Just what was the logic in her course of actions? What alien thoughts were going on in her mute mind that convinced her that rearing these two children would be a good idea?
Why... why must weak humans destroy their world? Why can they not preserve that which they see so dear to them? Why must all life perish before immortality?


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Chapter 3: Queen of Hell

As a whole, one would expect for a demon lord to look terrifying, almost monstrous in appearance. Many such rulers that had tried to take the mantle of Hell were noted to be of terrifying visage, with burning eyes that would make even the strongest of men shake and quiver in their heels. It was these rulers that Karzahni remembered the most fondly of, on top of being capable outside of his guidance.  However, for every rule there was an exception, and Lord Persephone was that exception.

She sat upon her obsidian throne, a hand supporting her resting head as she looked down upon Karzahni and Minos with a gaze that could only be described as a mixture of contempt and uttermost boredom. Her tanned face seemed more fitting for an angel than one who ruled over the very capital of demonic society, and her legs swung cheerfully in the air, just a few inches off the ground. Her free hand ran through the silver hair that coursed down her back, and she shifted ever so slightly in her metallic armor that was the only thing that gave her away as being anything demonic.

?My lord, please understand what we have done.? Karzahni said, as he forced his body to not shake too rapidly. The very air was chilled, and for good reason. As it stood to Karzahni?s ire, Persephone had the power of ice and cold, and her very body radiated of chilled air as if she were a mountain in winter. For the cold blooded Karzahni, it was torture just being around her. He never could understand why she had to have the power she did, for it made dealing with her an absolute pain in the neck. He could only recall a mere handful of cases where a ruler had some form of automatic power that he?d rather not deal with, but the cold was one thing he detested even more than humans. Combined with the fact that Persephone was as human as they got in appearance, and Karzahni was stuck with the one ruler he couldn?t stand being with.

?Let me guess? it has to do with these? children you bring before me?? Persephone said, her finger rotating in circles in the air. Her voice was young and youthful, but behind the sweet tones lay something else, a tone that shook Karzahni to the core. The queen?s eyes shifted down toward the pair of Oni children that lay nestled in the arms of Minos. ?The very children prophesied to be my end??

The way she spoke those words sent waves of uncertainty into Karzahni. As he knew all too well, he had to choose his response carefully, or else risk angering the young ruler. Already he had learned the hard way not to address her in any other title than Lord, despite his insistence that the term was far too low of the ladder of power for her to use. A bruised eye had been his accompanying guest for the weeks following that lapse in error, and a frozen wing as well. The eye had been from Minos; the frost from Persephone herself. Even now, he shuddered to look over at Minos, who stood by his side, yet also had her eyes gazing down at him with a look that could only be described as predatory. Between the two of them, he knew not who to fear more. He gulped, before saying as slowly and low as possible, ?Yes, my lord. It was Minos?s idea to bring them to you. She insisted on raising them, for reasons I cannot fathom. I told her that it would be best to ask you personally, so here we are now.?

?I gathered as much.? Persephone said plainly. A thin wry smile spread across her face, and a dark chuckle escaped her mouth as she rose to her feet. She stepped forward, and the ground was covered in a layer of ice that spread from her feet. ?And I am correct to assume that the Oni village was eradicated, with all survivors slain??

Karzahni nodded. ?Yes, my lord. Minos made sure of that personally. The last I saw, it was a raging fireball. If there?s anything left for prying eyes to try and decipher, it will only be charred bones and ligaments. For all they?ll know, an accident happened and everyone was vaporized as a result. The Underworld as a whole will be none the wiser, especially the rest of their kind in their other petty villages.?

Persephone stopped right before the winged demon, and looked him closely in the eyes. Her frigid azure orbs seemed to pierce deep into Karzahni?s own eyes, and the demon found the temptation to look away more alluring than not. ?Very good. In that case, Minos has made a perfectly fine choice in bringing these children to me. We shall raise them in our home.?

It was not unheard of for Karzahni to be absolutely baffled by a decision made by a higher up. Long in his history of dealing with Hellian rulers, he had faced more than his fair share of thick headed bigots whose heads were firmly in the wrong place. Despite his insistence on them following what he said, they had presented to him ideas that ranged from something as mild as trying to cut down the size of the Hellian army to as horrible as declaring war on the demons from the very birthplace of demonkind, the Abyss. One ruler, whose name escaped Karzahni at the moment, had even been so bullheaded as to try and usurp the gods that oversaw this world. That had ended in the most grotesque and drawn out death of a demon Karzahni had ever seen, and one he never wished to witness again.

In all those cases, either he had gotten his way, or the ruler had suffered for failing to heed his endless advice. But in this case, he found it hard to believe what he was hearing. This girl, this teenage girl before him was the daughter of that very archangel who presided as the godhead of the entire Underworld, and as such, he had expected her to be raised better than this, to know things that previous rulers lacked.

As such, it was no small wonder that he felt the urge to scream at her, to grab the girl by the ears and demand her to follow as he said. He wanted to grab one of the gargoyles on the side of the great hall they were in and dash it over her head, or even better, wrap her up in one of those royal tapestries and smother her. This was beyond stupid! Beyond idiotic! Words failed Karzahni as he felt his claws twitch sporadically out of his control. And he would have let his opinion be known, had there not been a low hiss from his side. He dared to look over, and noticed that Minos was glaring at him. The woman?s lips were parted in a snarl, and her eyes glowed golden. Karzahni gulped, then willed himself to take a deep breath. ?My Lord, may I just ask you why you think this is a good idea? I will go through with this regardless, but I want to know your reasoning.? He forced himself to say in as calm and respectful a voice as possible. It was highly evident how much he detested this idea, but with Minos around, he dared not make that known verbally. It was one thing to shoot down the idea before the primal figure? but it was another to lash out against Persephone with Minos around. He valued his life, and wasn?t willing to have it snuffed out so soon.

?Why, of course.? Persephone purred as she walked over to the two Oni children. She ran her hand across their faces, and smiled. ?It is because I can.?

?And? that?s it?? Karzahni questioned.

?Yes." Persephone mused. She pressed her face against Minos's ivory white mask, and smiled. "You see, I never really was a fan of this whole idea of fate.? She looked over at Karzahni, and yawned. ?I don?t really believe the words of some old Oni that was facing death in the face. Sure, they say an Oni never lies, but when faced with death itself, even the most truthful of people will say anything. Or, if he wasn?t lying, perhaps he was merely mistaken in what he thought would happen. After all, if you are mistaken in thought, then you aren?t really lying, are you? After all, how many of these prophecies you dealt with in your old senile age have ever come to pass? You prevented them from even possibly occurring, and the few that did, were self-fulfilled.?

?I suppose that is the case.? Karzahni begrudgingly admitted after some thought.  He quickly added,?And I am not senile! I still carry more wits about me than many demons of my age, Abyssian or Hellian.?
Persephone waved him off. ?That?s beside the point. But most importantly, Karzahni?? She was right up in his face now, her chilled breath violating his nostrils. ?I revel in a good challenge. Go ahead, let these children grow. I will even see to it that they become the greatest of their kind. Let them become the strongest warriors I have in my thrall, and we shall see if they are indeed capable of surpassing me. I fear not the superstitious words of a dying Oni. Let this be a testament of how far I am beyond those that have come before me. I am Persephone, greatest of all the Rulers of Hell, and I shall make my position as Lord and Master of all be known.?

Karzahni resisted the urge to groan audibly. That had to be the most try-hard speech he had ever heard, and that was saying a lot considering his history. This girl was so full of herself, so infatuated with her own overblown ego, that she was dismissing every single warning bell and openly challenging all the advice he was giving her. Had it been anyone else, he would have been all too glad to sit back and watch those boasts blow up right in their face, but as it was, things were never that simple. She could get away with making any kind of mistake if she had a safety net to ensure it never came back to bite her? Karzahni took another look over at Minos, who was no longer looking back at him, but was knelt on her feet, a smile on her face as she watched Persephone resume rubbing her hands on the children. With a servant like that, no wonder the young queen was feeling so complacent. ?I see.? Karzahni finally said. ?Go on as you wish. I shall take my leave?? He turned, and began to walk away, heading for the great obsidian doors he had come through.

?This is? unexpected.?

Karzahni at once stopped and turned back around. Persephone had her hand upon one of the children, and a frown was on her face. ?What is it? Is the child so ill, it might die??

?Hardly.? Persephone answered. ?It?s just a mild cold they have? but what is more concerning, is that this one seems to lack any in-built magic in them. Not a trace of it.? She turned her face to Karzahni, and her eyebrows furrowed. ?She is completely devoid of any of it.?

Karzahni?s own nonexistent eyebrows furrowed. This was highly unexpected, but not unheard of. Most creatures had atleast some magical talent to them. Hell, even humans could be taught how to perform magic. But all rules had exceptions, and one of these children was just that. A lack of magical prowess would have been a death sentence for any other species here in Hell, but for an Oni, it was more of a handicap than a crippling. Yes, there were those that did make use of magic, but the main bulk of the species preferred to use their natural physical strength than rely on outside magic. ?And? what of the other one??

Persephone moved her hand over to the other child, and the thin smile returned on her face. ?This one is the opposite.? She said. ?A lot of latent potential in her? Do they have names??

That caught Karzahni off guard. Talk about a sudden shift in topic. He mumbled for a moment, clicking a claw against his head. The face Minos was now staring at him wasn't helping him any. ?I recall reading a pair of names on their bed sheet when I was in their room.? Karzahni explained. ?If I am correct, the names printed there were ?Delibra? and ?Pravra??.

No sooner had he said the names, than the two children yawned, first the magic deficient child, then the one with the scar on her face. ?Well, I guess that cements who is who then.? Persephone said. She handed both children over to Karzahni, before she began to walk off. ?We will begin training both children tomorrow. This shall be a conjoined effort of all here in the Palace of Darkness. For now, bring both children to Laeptus, and have him place them in their new bed. I am sure he has a fitting place to seal them away for the night. Minos, if you would please come with me, I need your assistance with some remodeling and heavy lifting.? With a snap of her fingers, the grand obsidian doors of the innermost hall opened, and Persephone walked out, with Minos following behind. However, the masked girl turned, and cast a glare at Karzahni, one that sent shivers down the demon?s spine. It was a look he knew said one thing only; Harm the kids, and I will end you. With that, she left as well, and the doors closed.

When the doors closed, Karzahni looked down at the twins in his arms and sighed. Of course, it had to be him. Not the freak of nature who had wanted to bring the two here in the first place, nor the upstart lady who thought she wielded all the power in the cosmos? of course not. It had to be him to deliver these two to their new crib. ?What a joke.? Karzahni hissed as he made his way behind the throne. There lay another set of doors, these which he had to open himself.

Within this room lay a world that Karzahni was most alien to. Wires and test tubes dangled along the ceiling, and large test tubes filled with green fluid lined the sides of the walls. Large machines stationed around the interior of the room flashed and bleeped, and Karzahni leapt back away from a surge of electricity that sparked from the floor. As an old fashioned demon, Karzahni was not all that accustomed to technology, and to be frank, he preferred sticking to what he knew, and that was good old magic and supernatural powers. It was far more reliable in his book, and had a far richer and deeper history to back it up than some boxes of metal with flashing lights.

Never mind the fact that he had been the most staunch protestor of this strange and new way of life. Ever since that damn vessel had wound up on the surface thousands of years ago, many demons had sought to use the strange and bizarre machines that were housed within. Up until recently, those attempts at bringing that technology down had been denied by every single ruler, all who had dear Karzahni whispering in their ears to not allow this threat to the status quo to happen. It was only very recently, with the previous ruler prior to Persephone, that technology more advanced than what the Underworld was used to began to be utilized by the crown, and even then, not only had it been a freak accident of circumstances that created the opportunity, but many demons still remained skeptical of science and technology in general, and Karzahni preferred it to be that way. ?The day a machine does my job better than me, is the day I take over your mother?s position!? Karzahni had told Persephone when she had decided to publicly announce the lift of the technological ban  . Unfortunately, there were those handful that managed to slip between the cracks prior to that, and one of those had set up their own special lab right behind Persephone?s throne room, for reasons that confounded the demon.

He was so preoccupied with his thoughts on technology that he failed to realize where he was walking. A large figure seemed to step out of the shadows, and Karzahni nearly bumped into it head first. ?Watch where you?re going-? Karzahni growled, before he looked up. A pair of burning red eyes glared down upon him, cloaked in a pitch black coat. From the sleeves were large metallic claws that screeched and groaned as the joints moved, and as the figure advanced, Karzahni could make out a sort of droning noise coming from within the coat.

?What is it, Karzahni? And why are these infants here?? A deep, monotone voice echoed from the figure.

?Laeptus.? Karzahni stammered, backing up a step. ?Erm, you see, Persephone has requested that you place these children in one of your special machines for the night. Give them a proper place to sleep. They are her new finest warriors in training.?

?I see.? Laeptus replied, as he took hold of the sleeping babies. ?I will not question the orders given by Lord Persephone, but even I am uncertain as to how effective raising them will be.?

?At least, someone who shares my opinion.? Karzahni sighed in relief. ? I mean, we already have all the forces we need. Besides, raising these children could end up ruining us.?

?I am aware of the consequences of her actions.? Laeptus said as he walked over to what resembled a bowl on a pillar. He placed the two children within, and then pressed a button on the side. A glass dome formed over the bowl, leaving the babies within. ?However, if this does somehow work, then I will more than welcome additional forces on our side, along with additional test subjects. If successful, these two children will be leagues and miles ahead of the rest of their species.?

?Yes, yes they will.? Karzahni said. He wasn?t too sure on just what Laeptus was. At first he had suspected the new arrival was an automaton or golem of a sort, until he noticed he ate and drank like any creature of flesh. No machine he knew of needed to eat flesh. At least he wasn?t as crazy as some of the other ?Science!? types he knew? like Lady Lilith. He shuddered as he recalled the last time he had been in her workplace. Nothing but machines and mutilated corpses for miles? and she had insisted they were all work for her latest bio mechanical masterpiece. ?Now, I do have some private information to tell you. Have you seen the harpies as of late? They?re merciless when it comes to information leaks.?

?Always speaking of what is already known. Whatever it is you want to speak of, I am all ears.? Laeptus hissed back. The two began to walk out of the room, and when the door closed, the room was cast in darkness. The two babies lay in their makeshift bed, cuddled against one another as they slept peacefully.

The very shadows lengthened, then took form. There was an intruder in the room, a fiend that had slithered past the security.

A creature, black as night, rose up from the darkness, three sets of pure white eyes scanning around as it made its way toward the makeshift bed. It moved on five spindly legs, making sure not to step on any wires or alarms that were set when the room was locked. The very black flesh seemed to flow down like lava as it stopped, now standing above the chamber. All three eyes gazed upon the pair of children that lay asleep, but especially upon the one with the scar on her head.

End of Prologue
Why... why must weak humans destroy their world? Why can they not preserve that which they see so dear to them? Why must all life perish before immortality?