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Rule enforcement is hereby tightening.
Due to a handful of recent events, we've decided that enough is enough. We're going to start stepping on things more, most notably:

- Flaming and trolling
- Publicizing personal issues with other users (ties back into flaming and trolling)
- Less-than-useful threads (e.g. one-line thread ops)

The Rant thread is not excluded from this. If you make a post in it about another forum user but try to be vague about it ("I hate this one person that does so-and-so") we'll still come down on you.

Yes, there is a good chance some of this will be subjective. We're putting the onus on the user to use some common sense when posting. There's also a good chance we'll be seeing more probations handed out, but hopefully things won't have to come to that.
Touhou vs. Cave arguments are hereby banned. This shit is as stupid as IaMP vs. SWR and we're tired of looking at it.

Anyone caught trying to stir shit up about how one series is better than the other will be landed on with extreme prejudice.
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