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Alfred F. Jones:

--- Quote from: Romantique Tp on April 11, 2016, 04:08:31 AM ---Would it be possible to increase the character limit of the report post to moderator thingie a little? I realize my english isn't very good and having to shorten what I'm saying must make it even harder to figure out what I'm really trying to say... I would like to make my reports as clear as possible to avoid any possible misunderstandings, specially when there's illegal (or questionable) stuff involved.

I also think it would be better if it worked more like a regular post, with line breaks and all like vBulletin's report function, but I assume that would be hard to implement if it's possible at all.
--- End quote ---
This would be nice. What say you, TSO? Is it doable?
I'm pretty sure the most significant part of that question is whether or not it's configurable at all. I assume if the source is available it should be easy to increase the character limit and also just change the input to a textarea.

EDIT: I can confirm that there's a back-end check for the character limit somewhere, since you can modify the form control's max length and input more characters but you'll get a database error on send.
EDIT: Changing it to a textarea and putting in newlines seems to work, unless the report strips or cuts at the newlines.
The line breaks don't show up at all (no gap between words).

I've gotten the impression it's not customizable. I've suggested before to reword the report message to better encourage reporting even something you're not sure about, but apparently even that can't be changed. (In particular, the note about email addresses is pointlessly misleading-- why would it matter if member emails will be revealed to people who can already see them?)
The built-in moderation report system for SMF is really terrible. Like in the actual mod report page it throws comments out of order all the time and I've tried for eons to track down the bug to no avail.

Any modifications or improvements will probably involve a complete rewrite of the system as it is currently limited severely.

I would say for the time being throwing a (unlisted) pastebin link for wordier reports is ok until I can scrape together a new system.
So after adding all those off-site profile links a while back, I just realized there's no link for Twitch. Not that I'm an active streamer, but I think people would make use of those links more than anything besides maybe Twitter and Steam. I get the impression that it wouldn't be difficult to implement either. Thoughts?
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