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--- Quote from: Moe Moe Sakana-Katana on March 02, 2010, 07:11:56 PM ---You can click 'Show unread posts' and then 'Mark all read' to reach the same effect. That's how I do it.

--- End quote ---
But that requires an extra click!

No, seriously...if I knew how to retrieve the session ID/whatever that's part of the argument from the main page I would write a Greasemonkey script to add the link to the main index myself...

Oh hey...it's in the logout link.  So I guess I could use a regex to extract it.  And the "Mark all read" link is the exact same thing that I did with the copy/paste/substitute.
Whenever we get around to upgrading to RC2, there will be a Mark All As Read feature.

I got it working... mostly.  Now I just have to code the theme/layout all over again since RC2 has a wildly different format :<
I feel sorry for you TSO/Yagami Hayate. You do so much hard work, while I can't code worth squat. I'm gonna say this, cause I might take your work for granted. I don't know exactly what you have done for this site, I don't even know who is in charge, but thanks for everything TSO. I mean it, thanks! Whenever I notice mention of you, their is also usually mention of you working hard, so I thought I may as well thank you.

Back On Topic: I can't really think of a new feature for the site, except maybe a vote thingie, like the Vote of the Day thingie from Gamefaqs.com, just for Touhou stuff.
Polls are very much disabled for a reason.  They were abused in a prior incarnation of the forums, and they're likely gone for good.
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