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Daylight saving time
The forum doesn't seem to recognize that daylight saving time has gone in to effect in some parts of the world and thus has not changed the time.  You need to manually go and change your "time zone offset" to correct this
I don't think it can recognize that, since different countries/regions have DST at different times? For example, US/Canada and Europe have 3 weeks each spring and 1 week each fall that they're 1 hour closer than the usual offset (on European sites that adjust for DST, the time is wrong for me for those 4 weeks per year). It's more complex for northern/southern hemisphere DST in opposite halves of the year.

Better for it to be adjusted twice per year everywhere that uses DST, than not at all in some places and 4 times per year in others, I think?

Side note, the one person who can make changes to this site's code (or enable others to) has been gone for 99+% of the last ~3 years and as far as I can tell is completely impossible to contact elsewhere, given the number of times/places I've tried. I still think it's worth discussing the site, but I'd be surprised if it leads to anything.
DST is anachronous and a waste of energy. As always, MotK is ahead of the curve.
While I do enjoy the longer summer days (sunset at 8 or 9) the main reason I support DST is that it gets people to reset their clocks which would get progressively more off if they never touched them
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