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Discord server for MotK?
The idea was proposed a few years ago, but turned down at the time. Since then, Discord has become increasingly popular. It has several advantages, the most notable one being that it's cloud-based-- you don't need to be online to receive messages (in channels or direct messages between users), and can read them across multiple devices.

Perhaps it's time to reconsider the idea of an official MotK Discord?

I've been running a Discord myself (not intended to be MotK's) for Touhou players; it's now already over 90 members, including over 30 on the first day when I'd only linked it on HME, when my old IRC channel had been dead for several years. The difference is evident.
It's about time! Discord is one of the best ways to conduct live chat nowadays. MotK deserves its own server.
We had a Discord server but it was abandoned (I'm not in it anymore). Power to you if you can create a new server and make it flourish.
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