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What anime(s) and/or manga(s) are you watching/reading right now?
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Failure McFailFace:
Just finished "Attack on Titan" today; I might continue "Hetalia: Beatiful World" tomorrow.
Silent Harmony:
Considering I'm not really following anything right now:

Manga I need to catch up on:
Seiken no Katanakaji
Usagi Drop

Anime I need to catch up on:
Love Live
Usagi Drop (debating this vs manga)
R.O.D. the TV
Ruroni Kenshin
Pretty Cure
5 Centimeters Per Second
Gurren Lagann
Dormio Ergo Sum:
Watching: 55
Plan to watch: 448

Uh. I feel like listing all the stuff I'm watching right now would be a bit excessive. Screw backlogs.
Thread moved to appropriate board.

I'm mostly watching Happiness Charge Precure right now, but I've also been watching Jojo's Bizarre Adventure and Hyperdimension Neptunia off and on too.
The ⑨th Zentillion:
I will also have to say Happiness Charge Pretty Cure! :3 Also watching the rest of the series, currently watching Suite while I've finished the first six seasons. ...Speaking of which I've been putting off Suite for a few weeks... should get a move on... :V
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