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IRC Rules and Information (Updated January 5, 2011)
(All 1st person pronouns refer to TSO, from whom this was c/p'ed)


Channel: #shrinemaiden
Server: irc.ppirc.net
Webchat: https://webchat.ppirc.net/?channels=shrinemaiden

The IRC channel is #shrinemaiden, located at irc.ppirc.net, a network run by me and SeventhHS.  Generic network/service related issues can be addressed either in-chan or by poking someone in #help.  Other admins/mods, feel free to amend/add to it as you see fit.

You can connect using any ordinary IRC client such as mIRC or Chatzilla or XChat, or you can use our handy dandy webchat client for simple and stress free access.

Address: https://webchat.ppirc.net/?channels=shrinemaiden

Just type your nick and hit connect!


Here is the official list of staffers (with IRC prefixes).  If they are network admins (IRCOps) it will be indicated:

Channel/Network Admins (~)
[*]TheStupidOne, IRCOp
[*]Seventh Holy Scripture, IRCOp
Super Mods (&)
[*]Miho (Bell/whatever)
Mods (@)
[*]Reisen-Udongein-Inaba (Kilgamayan)
[*]Aya-Shameimaru (sibladeko)
Bots (@/%) - these two entities aren't real people, just here for reference

%s (halfops) don't hold any authority, and can be freely given by anyone higher.  Anyone with @/&/~ (in escalating order of power) is considered authoritative in situations, and is, from this point on, the moderation staff for the channel.  Any action they take, is considered official and a judgment delivered by the staff.

If you have a dispute with any punishment or action taken by them, PM me or someone with greater authority.  If you get a network ban (G:Line), there is no dispute, only I or Seventh can hand those out, and I will not debate my decision on them.  Publicly posting about any sort of ban, channel or network, is grounds for removal from the forums as well.  If you have a dispute over your punishment, bring it up in PM, not in public.  Making a scene will remove any sympathy I may have on your part.

Gist of it is, what they do is considered law, and I will most likely uphold their decision unless you show extensive evidence either of remorse of actions and demonstrate the ability not to cause whatever problem again.  Remember, it is a privilege, NOT A RIGHT, to be able to join and chat in #shrinemaiden, or to PPIrC.net itself.  I, and any staffer, reserve the right to revoke that privilege if we see fit, for any reason.


These are the rules, there are no debates or discussions about them.

1.  Spamming is NOT TOLERATED AT ALL.  Slamming the same line 6 times in a row is a good way to get a G:Line quickly. 

So is
breaking up
your sentences
like this.

2.  Tag all nsfw links.  Some of us are on from work, or in areas where pulling up an image of porn or guro isn't the smart thing.  Even if they're not at work, some people (me included) don't appreciate clicking on porn unless they're given forewarning.  Repeated failure of this rule will result in punishments ranging from timeouts to other more drastic things

Also, as a sidenote, assume anything from 4chan is nsfw unless otherwise stated.  No, this doesn't mean you don't have to tag 4chan, this is just a general warning for anyone surfing period that assume it's nsfw unless told it's not.

3.  Noone can claim ownership of any caniconal spelling of a Touhou character as a nick.  I know a few have already been registered, but if there's any sort of ghost wars (registering nicks, then disconnecting people attempting to use it), I will claim ownership of all caniconal touhou nicks and possibly block use of highly disputed ones. 

Also, I'm well aware that there are some channel veterans who have already solidly set claim to a few caniconal Touhou nicks, I'm not going to upheave those obviously, but if there's 4-5 people fighting over Hong-Meiling, that nick might end up as a new bot :V 

Example: Remilia is a caniconal spelling of a Touhou character, while ^^remilia^^ is not.  Former cannot be claimed, latter can.

Yes some people have claimed them, no you can't bitch and bellyache to get them.  Either find a new fairy to steal a name off of or maybe just maybe use something more creative than another Reimu.

4.  Overt trolling or fighting.  If you're fishing to piss someone off, I can and will give timeouts for it.  That does seem to be a growing problem that only the moderation team can effectively manage, and I do think that not enforcing such a rule will do nothing but harm the community at large, and people have the right to NOT be subject to it.

5.  Same goes with drama.  If you're having a drama issue with a person, feel free to discuss it with one of us, but just be aware, we're not going to ban someone just because you can't get along with them.  If you, or someone else, then decides to make a public scene out of it, I will eject everyone involved, regardless of who started what.  Got a problem with someone?  Keep it to PM and out of the chan.  Pick a fight and I'll eject everyone involved in it, from this point forward.

6.  Spoilers.  Rot13 them.  Keine 2.0 will have the ability to code text in rot13 for you, but for now just use the coder at rot13.org.  Keine is back (not 2.0 yet tho), so now there's no excuse not to rot13 stuff.  Just /msg Keine (or whatever her nick is) rot13 text

or at least not look like a moron

1.  Memes.  It's definitely not cute or hilarious to sit there and spout memes 24/7.  Real discussion, this isn't /b/ on irc.  Go join #4chan if you want to shout useless memes all day.

2.  Being an asshole.  Noone cares how big your dick is or how amazing you are at pocket pool.  If you start picking on people or are otherwise disrupting the chat you will be ejected, forcefully.
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