Author Topic: 东方宵海格 ~ the Unvisible Wing (Azur Lane x Touhou single stage fangame)  (Read 6241 times)

New single stage fangame from the Chinese community.
Original forum post:

"Lady Yuyuko, where are we? These cherry blossoms look so much like the Saigyou Ayakashi"

"Big sis, looks like people are coming, I'm not sure if they're matter what, I will protect you."

The cherry blossoms blooming in the height of summer have brought originally unrelated people together. The flow of time and space has been thrown into chaos, fating them to meet. The exchange between the dancing cherry blossoms and firearms brings us a most beautiful danmaku festival.

Touhou Xiao Hai Ge ("Night Ocean Case") -Story of the Flying Sakura and Dancing Butterflies- has officially been completed.

This game is by Team OSY, and is a doujin game for the Azur Lane and Touhou Project series. In this story, the girls of illusion and the girls of the azure waves will meet under the magical tree and fight up a brilliant show of fireworks.

This story was based on the Azur Lane event "Tainted Flower of Iron". The two groups, both representing brilliant cherry blossoms, meet under the fluttering cherry blossoms, and a strange story begins.

The link to the game will be released below, and at the same time every is welcome to join the "Touhou Unvisible Wing Fan Group" QQ 838293150; if you have any questions or bug reports please report them to the group.

The cherry blossoms blooming intensely in midsummer begin their dance. The cherry blossom tree awaiting the night reflects the azure sea, the search and chase will never end. The case of the night sea will never end, it continues in this story on the Azure Lane.

password: whfd
NOTE: You need to LocaleSwitch to Simplified Chinese (zh_CN) to play this after installing.

Still haven't played yet since it's taking it's ever so sweet time to download, but I've watched HNY's streams playtesting this and the Ultra mode is pretty insane
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  • Single stage, bosses bomb-invulnerable like extra
  • Two shottypes, one is ghost team (spread yuyuko, focused youmu), other is original character (weird tap shoot mechanic meaning you can't hold down Z all the time)
  • Not a one-hit-kill game, bullets take off your life bar to the left, you die when you lose all health
  • Seems like deathbombing doesn't prevent health loss (bug?)
  • Bombs are not restored on dying (don't spam)
  • Wonky difficult curve. Cleared on hard with 6 lives, needed 3 or 4 credits to get through lunatic. Likely due to the previous point
  • Catchy stage theme, better than the boss theme imo

Overall a nice little fan stage, Ultra probably poses a huge and fun challenge for master level players.

There's more stuff if you play Ultra. No 1cc required.
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  • An excuse for a title
  • This is suppose to be nonsensical except it isn't
Considering that Azur Lane itself plays somewhat like a shoot 'em up I honestly think this was bound to happen at one point. Kinda wished there was a system that mimicked how Azur Lane sorties the boat girls having 3 characters in front and 3 characters in the back but still it seems to still have an idea about how Azur Lanes game play works, even if it's being spliced with Touhou's general mechanics.

Also call me out if I'm wrong but I love how we have a Touhou x Azur Lane fan game like this but not a Touhou x KanColle fan game like this.