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Kogasa's Bizzare Adventure - Part 1: Umbrella Surprise
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*Technically, I didn't know about another Jojo reference exist in this thread right now, so this won't count as plagarism :D*

Another incident hit Gensokyo, like usual. This time ,people ,left and right, have been hit with a mysterious arrow behind their back and knock unconcious, only to wake up possesing a mysterious power: A mysterious apparition of sort, seen only by another who possessed the same thing, each held within themselves special ability unique to them.

Taking on this mysterious phenomenon, the resident of Gensokyo began to rampage, like usual. It's seems they never learn not to take unknown power out of nowhere and freely used them without thinking of consequence, nevertheless, some people have already start to investigate and hoping to solve this mystery.

Kogasa, like many other, have become a victim of this mysterious attack, and thus also fall unconcious. However, instead of hiting her directly, it hit upon the umbrella body she carried over her shoulder.

Thus, strange thing happen with the umbrella she held...

-->You're roleplay and control as Kogasa herself. Her and only her alone, at the moment.
-->The Stand (obviously it a Stand) she's possesing have finished manifesting, It's ability, of course, is unknown right now. Kogasa must learn to figured it out herself.
-->Obviously, the umbrella have become a Stand. Reason is unknown.

>You began to wake up.


  • What's this?
  • Miraculous girl.
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> Look around. Where am I?
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