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Writting about a Bullet Hell Online game
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I want to write about Bullet Hell Online, a bullet hell VRMMORPG (sorta), where player used gun, magic, and anything else to throw massive ordinance of projectiles onto everyone else, in spetacular pattern and formation. As I'm writing it here, obviously it's Touhou-inspired: A different world masquerade as a game, a Female-only cast, massive fight of beauty and OP power :D, among other thing.

It's still ridiculously barebone right now, so I'm hoping for some idea about this. Plot will posted later


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Re: Writting about a Bullet Hell Online game
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Bullet hell gameplay just won't work with MMO levels of lag. People have enough trouble even with one-on-one matches in PoFV and fighting games.

Re: Writting about a Bullet Hell Online game
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I'm written it in a novel sense, not gaming, so I think we could ignore those technical issue (beside, it's not actually an VRMMO, but actually an actual, physical different world, and the player got their soul ripped out and transported into a vessel, whenever they're "playing") (...Though I could used that line of your)

Anyway, the plot is: It's a famous VRMMO, in which the player can only choose female character, and turn into *Insert player's race here*, artificial Youkai whose job is to serve the human race in the battle against the various monster, using their special mastery over the art of bullet hell: The art of throwing unholy amount of projectile onto a single target, so that none may escape unscathed. Of course, since I told you earlier the fact above, this mean that the player were infact have been turn into manmade Youkai, used by the human country to serve as their perfect killing machine.

...Of course, that fact didn't matter to Rei, who managed to escape the brainwashing, and gained the ability of Soul Master during a chance encounter with a certain someone, with their mastery over Soul, especially an ability to absorb soul, and gained their ability. Now, with the goal of fixing a soul for a pair of reliable senpai, she will travel around this different world of her, in search for the people with the required ability to further her goal, and engaged in Soul Battle (Spell Card Battle, basically, though abit more brutal, and loser have to accept winner demand) with such people, as she learn slowly how to become a Youkai Girl.

...Did I mention that she used to be a man? 

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