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Create your own Touhou
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Let's revive "create your own Touhou" thread.
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Re: Create your own Touhou
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Not gonna lie, I have a ton of ideas for Touhou OCs, especially since I roleplay on sites like Twitter and whatnot and I would love to share most, if not all of them but I worry about suffocating this thread with a bunch of silly OCs.

But should I? Should I do it, anyways? Post all of them, albeit in intervals?

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Re: Create your own Touhou
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Not gonna lie, I have a ton of ideas for Touhou OCs, especially since I roleplay on sites like Twitter and whatnot and I would love to share most, if not all of them but I worry about suffocating this thread with a bunch of silly OCs.

But should I? Should I do it, anyways? Post all of them, albeit in intervals?
Share if you got em', no one's gonna judge you for having too many.

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Share if you got em', no one's gonna judge you for having too many.

Oh crap, I forgot to post mine :

(image not related to her Touhou appearance)

Name : Maria Trismegistus (Her name is combination of Maria Prophetissima and Hermes Trismegistus)

Title : The Philosophical Alchemist

Species : Magician

Occupation : Alchemist

Ability : Capable of Transmutation Magic

Age : About 1000 years

Appearance : Brown haired with Lime-colored Veil Cap and Cloak, Long white dress, Brown Boots. Wearing a Hermetic Seal of Light necklace

Personality : Eccentric, Workaholic, Easily excited by her own experiments, Obsessed on creating a substance that can transmute anything

Location : Alchemy Laboratory in the Forest of Magic

Relationships :
- Marisa, Alice, Narumi, and Patchouli = Fellow Magicians
- Eirin and Reisen = Partners of trading potion recipes and ingredients

Human Friendship Level : Medium

Threat Level : Medium

Music theme : Hermetic Magnum Opus ~ Prima Materia of the Golden Dawn

Spell Card Example :
- Alchemist Sign ~Tria Prima~
- Magnum Opus ~Albedo~
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Re: Create your own Touhou
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I'm gonna post two of them for now and will bring in more later. Here is one of my first OCs and another one I chose to write about. And the way i go when making OCs is that I try to make as many that would fill a game's worth of girls. I even make little hypothetical plots and everything here.

Name: Lei Rei

Title: Pirate Princess of the Forgotten Seas

Species: Human

Occupation: Pirate

Ability: To forge, learn, and summon almost every weapon

Age: Mid-late 20s

Appearance:  (This artwork was commissioned by me, funnily enough)

Personality: A cocky and boastful individual due to her pirate heritage(Father being a feared pirate, Implied to be related to Ching Shih), Lei is proud to be one and due to being thrown into Gensokyo, she wants to show the land who she is and be feared. Though she is a bit naive and has self-confidence issues if someone questions anything about her. She does care about people who she does gain her trust or people in her family(Like her Sister, who I'll write later).

Location: Misty Lake(Via Ship is stuck in there)


Marisa Kirisame: Sees as a rival. Marisa doesn't care about her all that much, despite Lei persisting to try and proclaim she will outdo her.

Minamitsu Murasa: Lei takes personal offense to Murasa and will try to insult Murasa whenever she can.

Inspiration: Ching Shih


Name: Chronos

Title: Mother Time

Species: God

Occupation: Time Goddess

Ability: Creation of Time(Able to travel between various points in the timeline, age and de-age people

or objects, freeze and fast forward time, etc etc)

Age: Old as time itself

Appearance: Extremely long, white hair(Longer than herself even). Black, checkered overshirt with a white long sleeve shirt on. A tie that resembles both the Minute hand and second hand off a clock Long, black boots. Wears belt with a tons of arrows resembling said clock hands too.

Personality: Chronos can be best described as ?Bitter and Mischevious? when she is not doing her job. She has a cynical look on humanity and life, seeing people make the same mistakes over and over again from the past, present, and future, and is willing to mess with people

Location: Akashic Records(Realm outside of Gensokyo)


Hecatia Lapislazuili: Both Chronos and Hecatia are long time business partners of sorts who benefit from each other at times.

Yukari Yakumo: Another person who have a mutualistic relationship of sorts. In the event of any time-related incidents hitting Gensokyo, Chronos will investigate it while she will use the land as a Vacation spot from her old home.

Sakuya Izayoi: Chronos detests it when mortal beings use time powers out of fear it may cause some time paradoxes or disruptions to time itself. Hearing Sakuya is a human who can use time absolutely disgusts her to no end and will berate her at every chance she gets if she meets her.


I can probably go in more detail about these two and others later on. I have so many here it is not even funny. And the two OCs I pulled out are related in some way, which I can go into details later.
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Re: Create your own Touhou
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I'll post mine (aka the one I love the most out of my bunch, my best Boi :derp: :3):

Name: Sven

Title: The Dream Elf

Species: Alp

Occupation: giving nightmares and causing mischief

Ability: Cause nightmares+sleep paralysis, possess sleeping people, shapeshifting into animals/mist (limited)

Age: around 200-300 years old

Appearance: See above ^

Personality: A bit of a jerk and a bully. Very prideful, likes to pick on others who are weaker than him but is a dirty coward who will play dirty given the chance, especially against stronger foes (of whom he dislikes.) Childish due to being a fae creature though he's a lot more smarter than fairies. If he's acting polite and buddy-buddy but isn't your friend, he's either hiding or wanting something.

Location: Dream World (?) (not native to Gensokyo, so unknown where he's from exactly; he most likely originates as a youkai from the Outside World)

Relationships: No long term/personal ones exactly, but his full Bio details that he is acquainted with 3 residents of Gensokyo due to an incident he inadvertently caused.

Human Friendship Level: Low, due to his personality (but it's possible to befriend him)

Threat Level: Low, mainly because he's nocturnal and doesn't come out during the day because he becomes weaker. At night and especially in dreams/nightmares, he is very strong. But he doesn't aim to kill humans he preys upon because then he'd run out of food and have to hunt more often; he's more of a repeat B&E guy  :V

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Re: Create your own Touhou
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I have my own Touhou pictured in my avatar.

It?s just, I?m not sure whether Camellia Knowledge counts as a ?real? Touhou. She does have a personality and a backstory, but she?s so weak in danmaku that she would probably never get recruited. I believe Camellia?s magical bullet attack skill level might be slightly below mid-boss.

This thread inspired me to name Camellia Knowledge a.k.a. Hieda no Mukyū?s special ability: Capable of mainly locating any history book or historical document in her immediate vicinity.



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Re: Create your own Touhou
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Capable of mainly locating any history book or historical document in her immediate vicinity.
Extremely powerful if you have entire shelves full of the stuff. And in a pinch, a heavy book to the face is just as effective as danmaku, I'm sure.
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Still haven't gotten the old stuff off my old PC, which means I don't have much on some of my other Touhou OCs. Though I did write down one of my more minor OCs.

Name: Nao Inoue

Title: Youkai Courier of 1000 Letters

Species: Fuguruma yōhi tsukumogami:

Occupation: Mail Courier

Ability: Able to create 1000 Written letters at once.

Age: 100s of years old.

Appearance: A Brunette Youkai with brown eyes with a pink/blue jacket that doubles as a dress and skirt with some badges on them. She carries a courier bag. Has a Newsboy cap on with a large badge on top. Long, brown boots.

Personality: Nao is optimistic and happy-go-lucky whenever she tries to deliver her mail to people. If people refuses her mail, she gets depressed and eventually angry enough to try and force the letters to people(Sometimes trying to stuff them in their throats!). She values her mail and will listen to literally anyone if it means delivering mail to people.

Relationships: None to think of at the moment.

And yes, I imagine this girl as a Stage 1 boss. And she may be the weakest and most pathetic OC I have ever made, despite me adoring what I made here. I feel like even the weakest characters in canon could beat her up! But I still enjoy her as one of my OCs. Though I imagine her ability would make some creative looking danmaku, even if it is pathetically weak.

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Name: Tatori

Title: Clothing and Fabric Solicitor of the Gods

Species: Businesswoman

Occupation: Businesswoman.

Ability: Ability along the lines of moving faster than light (her greatest known feat is travelling 14.8 lightyears in less than a day, though it may be possible for her to move faster.)

Age: At least 1500 years old, possibly older

Personality: Incredibly polite, but forceful. Does not discriminate between friends or enemies, good or evil, or previous dealings. Her only concern is selling her products to as many as possibly. She gets one day off each year and is noticeably more laid back and selfish on that day.

Location: Lives in Heaven, can be found anywhere that there are potential customers.

-As the daughter of the Jade Emperor (Heaven's political head) she garners respect from Celestials and Heavenly gods. However, since Heaven is a meritocracy, she doesn't actually have much political power among them.
-She has a husband whom she is permitted to visit every year, once a year on her day off so long as it doesn't rain on that day. However, recently they've been having relationship issues. Instead she's been spending her vacation travelling abroad.

Human Friendship Level: High. She treats humans, youkai, gods, and all else equally, and has no intention or need to attack them.

Threat Level: Highest. Coming across her is incredibly dangerous for anyone. Those who she views as potential customers will inevitably find themselves completely bankrupt, with nothing but piles of clothing and fabric to show for it. Admittedly, they are high quality wares.

Countermeasures: She has a weakness to rain. While caught in it, her speed lowers to significantly more reasonable levels. Of course, as her speed is so high she can generally escape the area before the rain begins.
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Re: Create your own Touhou
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動なり体 (Dounari Karada / Karada Dounari)

The Creeping Noises Of Insanity


Haunting Human Village houses

Making unexplainable noises / Able to shape-shift her ghost tail into legs / Causing thunder

Dead (existed less than 100 years)

Karada is a featureless ghost of a woman, wearing but simple white one-piece dress covering most of her body leaving only small portion of her ghost tail visible. She has blue eyes and long dark-brown hair.

Karada is seldomly seen. She is only visible when moving simple things around the houses she haunts. But, even then, she can do so without making herself visible. People who have seen her says that she is not too tall but not too short either, looks like she is a woman in her mid 20s and has a ghost tail instead of legs. She is also emotion-less: her eyes always half-closed, neither showing joy, surprise or any either emotions. When seen, she immediately disappears: so, she is either shy or doesn't want to be found out and runs away. She seems to be quite smart with her actions and her actual voice was never heard and does not interact with anybody so we know nothing else of her personality.

Human Village


Back story:
Karada (real name unknown) was, once, a gentle, enthusiastic woman that loved the easy life and help people out. When she entered adulthood, however, she was forced to marriage to a man whom she did not love. She was forced to stay home, have 5 kids in the same amount of years. Her mental health rapidly dwindled. Before then, she was seen as a quite intelligent woman but, as her mental health went bad, she was found out to be quite the airhead and make stupid mistakes. Her husband started hating her stupidity, started being violent toward her while faking the situation to their children and her status to the people around him. Then, one day, with a body full of injuries from the beatings, with obvious madness, she assaulted her husband and killed him. Seeing what she has done, she followed to kill herself; leaving the kids behind. Being rejected in the afterlife, she became a ghost (vengeful spirit) that haunts people so they become insane (or develop other issues) in return as a form of vengeance.

Other details / author notes:
There's also a rumor about her that she has simply no name but because she has a tendency to move things around, just some simple things mostly (activate a toy, drop a small object off a table, etc) she was named "動く物体" (Ogoku Buttai). But since then, over the years, there were some sights of her. It was discovered that she was female so people named her Dounari Karada (動なり特体): dou is alternate reading of 動 (moving). 体, Karada, can mean "body", "physique",  "corpse" but, also rarely, "object". なり was added simply to make her last-name more last-name worthy.

Her abilities are from the classic haunted house stories (that I personally believe) where people hear somebody walk in the attic, unexplainable moving objects, etc. (A/N: Here is a good story about this and what prompted me to create this character. First part and Second part) She is able to touch material things, immitate voice, make any kind of noise. So, to an extension of that, she is able to shapeshift her ghost tail into legs so she can "walk" in attics and, you guessed it, to cause noises. Obviously, any humans hearing these will rush to see what's wrong just to see that there's nothing there. On the medium to long term, she can cause insanity, anxiety and sleep issues to humans. She either moves with the same humans when they think the house is haunted (AN/: well, it is, lol) so she can continue to haunt them later. She moves to another house when she's found out or starts to be ignored by the residents. Overall, her human friendship and threat level is extremely low and High respectively. She will not kill but she will not hesitate to enjoy the harm caused to them.
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