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Gensokyo Railway Series
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In the outside world, the era of steam is over. But in Gensokyo, it just began...

Prominent residents of Gensokyo came together to start a railway. From the Moriya shrine in the northwest to the Hakurei Shrine in the east, Gensokyo Railway links the Human Village with the two shrines. These are the stories of the engines that work Gensokyo's new railway. From the cheeky Ichihiro to the prideful Hiroto, to the wise Shiro, and many others. The railway is run by Remilia Scarlet, known to the engines as the Scarlet Controller. Plots await from runaway trains to spell card duels on the line, from Yukari's own dislike to the railway to Mima's sudden effects on Alice and Marisa's relationship. You've seen the Touhou girls fight!
 Now watch them try to run a railway in the...

Gensokyo Railway Series

GRS #1 Four Railway Engines
(Ichihiro & Hiroto)
(Shiro's Day Out)
(Kenta's Sneeze)
(Hiroto and the Spell Cards)

GRS #2 Ichihiro the Tank Engine
(Ichihiro's Train)
(Ichihiro and Akemi)
(Ichihiro and the Yama)
(Ichihiro and the Guard)

GRS #3 Shiro the 5100
(Shiro and the Magician)
(Yuyuko on the Line)
(Old Iron)
(Shiro's Exploit)

GRS #4 Railway Incidents
(The Flying Nekogigi)
(Kiyoshi the Small Engine)
(Hiroto's Whistle)

GRS #5 Railway Happenings
(Kiyoshi and the Computer)
(The Sad Story of Kenta)
(Kiyoshi and the Signal)

GRS #6 Helpful Engines
(Ichihiro and the Oni)
(Shiro, Hiroto, and Kenta)
(Hiroto Takes a Dip)

GRS #7 Akemi the Purple Engine
(Akemi and the Coaches)
(Troublesome Trucks)
(Akemi and the Express)
(Dirty Objects)

GRS #8 Kiyoshi the Small Engine
(Kiyoshi's Promise)
(Kiyoshi Takes the Plunge)
(Ahiru Takes Charge)
(A Scarf for Kiyoshi)

GRS #9 Hiroto the Express Engine
(Hiroto and the Visitors)
(Tenders and Turntables)
(Hiroto's Race)

GRS #10 Ahiru the JR Western Engine
(Pop Goes the Diesel)
(Dirty Work)
(A Close Shave)

GRS #11 Engines and Youkai
(Ichihiro's Runaway)
(Danmaku Duels)
(Akemi and the Youkai)
(Akemi, Yuugi, and Bad Track)

GRS #12 More About Ichihiro the Tank Engine
(Ichihiro Goes Fishing)
(The Runaway)
(Down the Mine)

GRS #13 The New Line
(Opening Day)
(Double Booked)
(The New Engine)
(Hachirou Gets Bumped)

GRS #14 Ghosts and Spirits
(No Joke For Akemi)
(The Ghostly Passenger)
(The Missing Magician)
(Break Van)

GRS #15 Sanzu Stories
(Dizeru Does It Again)
(Magicians on Holiday)
(Ahiru and the Other Tugboats)

GRS #16 More Railway Incidents
(Kiyoshi, Akemi, and Their Fruitful Day)
(Kenta's Runaway)
(Hot Box)
(Ichihiro Comes to Breakfast)

GRS #17 Branch Line Engines
(Bulls Eyes)
(Kiyoshi's Predicament)

GRS #18 Kiyoshi and His Friends
(Ichihiro, Kiyoshi, and the Coal)
(Kiyoshi's Ghostly Trick)
(ZUN and the Tengu)
(Saved From Scrap)

GRS #19 Sanzu Disaster
(Magic Muntions)
(Ichihiro and Daichi)
(Kiyoshi Proves a Point)
(Memorial Opening)

GRS #20 Main Line Engines
(The Diseasel)
(Buzz, Buzz)
(Wrong Road)

GRS #21 Engines in Winter
(Ichihiro, Yuugi, and the Snow)
(Ichihiro and the Missing Christmas Tree)
(Shrine-ing Time Station)

GRS #22 Even More About Ichihiro the Tank Engine
(Ichihiro and Hayate)
(Ichihiro and the Small Engines)
(Scrambled Eggs)

GRS #23 Narrow Gauge Engines
(A Bad Day For Albert)
(Jun'ya Ota and the Yakitori Lady)
(Stanley Brings it Home)

GRS #24 Kenta the Green Engine
(Out of Puff)
(In Need of Maintence)
(Sliding Scales)
(Kenta Sees Red)

GRS #25 More About the Narrow Gauge Engines
(Special Funnel)
(Rock 'n' Roll)
(Passengers and Polish)

GRS #26 Railway Safety and Emergencies
(Trap Points)
(Bad Touch)
(Ring a Bell?)
(Due Date)

GRS/Railway Series Crossover Special: Far Eastern Rhapsody of a North Western Variety
(The epic crossover with the Railway Series, with epic chases, spell card duels, even gun fights. All this and more with this epic Touhou/Thomas crossover!)

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