Author Topic: Homestuck Thread: It begins... again... again... again, FINAL COUNTDOWN edition  (Read 59338 times)


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Well I guess that's an ending. Shame I didn't understand what happened until I had to read a summary of it.
Kilga is this right; like is this person seriously the player, and it's not some alias or something that's designed to be deliberately obfuscating? NekoNekoRex. Who the hell is that :C   ~Poya Aaaa (Serela), Bunny Must Die Mafia


tfw you see a visual representation of how long act 6 dragged on for

11 minutes long, and Act 5 ends at about 5:35.


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I might be one of the only people glad that Homestuck ended on a relatively 'calm' note. The comic and fandom has -really- thrown me for a loop in the past, and I was getting ready for literally anything to happen in that ending. Up to and including real-life reality warping nonsense or Sburb being sent to people's houses, etc. I guess there's still the epilogue..

And Dave Jade and Karkat at the end together is more than I could have hoped for really, given that they're my ot3 and I love poly nonsense.
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A bunp? Why would you DOO that?!

Because of THIS, motherfuckers.

a credits sequence, a "where are they now" ep, and possibly-PROBABLY a teaser for the game.

Also, a couple of fun notes from Hussie himself in the 10/9 newspost.
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oh well look at that he actually resolved everything :derp: