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Hieda no Mukyu:

--- Quote from: jikan on February 18, 2019, 11:19:09 PM ---Marisa 'borrows' some books from Patchouli's library and Patchouli is seen yelling at Marisa for 'stealing' her books.
She gives a bit of a chase, but her anemia causes her to become too exhausted to continue the chase.
Marisa is seen on her broom flying off into the distance.
Patchouli murmurs that she wishes Marisa would stop stealing her books.

--- End quote ---

I am seeing most of this passage as illustrated by Coffgirl.
A mini-summary of a fanfiction idea I've been trying to work on. I haven't advanced it very much yet, so the summary is far from complete...

In the year 2037, NASA, JAXA, and the ESA start a Moon base, sending a lander and a basic habitat module on the North Pole. The Lunarians, fearing another invasion, prepare to repel the humans from the Moon yet again, but the barrier that surrounded the Lunar Capital began to ripple and fade, something an astronaut witnessed and recorded.
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