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Reisen's last name is Jenet.
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Alice Fact:
The name of Jenet's theme: Bad Girl. Bunny girls. One Super Art has Jenet saying "danmaku". That same Art is based slightly on illusion. That same art involves torpedoes. Bullets, real bullets. Reisen's "suppositories". Maybe Reisen wears high heels. Never forget the "lavish proportions". The possibility of her internal clock being fairly straight is no surprise. Reisen Udongein Jenet. RUJ. That sounds like "rouge". French for red. Jenet is of French nationality. French for red. Red eyes. Insanity.

Now I heard one of you was good with sprite editing. And some of you know guys who are also good...

Geese's wife/Rock's mother appears to be named "Merry", and, you guessed it; she's apparently a blonde and wears pink. Though I may have missed something.
Jenet who?
I wouldn't fund it.
Vile Lasagna:
Demonlord Pichu:

--- Quote from: Patoyo ---Jenet who?
--- End quote ---
B.Jenet, apparently.
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