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helvetica has passed away

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Just learnt this from one of my Discord Servers.

This.. is really unexpected.

There's a term usually used in Chinese online circles: "我的青春结束了。" (My teenage life is over.), it's used when a long-time celebrity passed away, or a long-term works came to an end, or something similar.

And for me, hearing this news, my teenage life is indeed over.

helvetica, we love you. not only for how much you contributed to motk, but for the amazing person you were. rest well now; you totally deserve it.

I just heard about this in a random chat the other day... it's something I'm still having a hard time coming to grips with. Just doesn't feel right.

Been seeing a bit about that anime she had in her banner, Helvetica Standard. Think I'll binge watch that as a bit of a respect kinda thing to her.

Fujiwara no Mokou:
How terrible. This community was my gateway as well. I have Helvetica and all of you in this community to thank for that.

I've been on this site since 2008 (maybe earlier?), initially to find Touhou fans who weren't on Desuchan. I hung out mostly in TARC for the first few months, eventually making my way to Cirno's Caf?. And what a breakthrough that was.

In this community, I found a lot more than just a place to talk about flying magical girls. I made some actual friends here, a few of whom I've met and hung out with in person. It gave me an outlet to exercise fiction. It saw me through as my marriage fell apart and I began questioning my gender identity.

There's been high drama and romance and fun and rage and just all the things you'd expect from a good online community, and font was to thank for all of these things.

I'll always think of her fondly. See you on Discord.


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