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// A Team Fortress 2 and Touhou Multiverse RP!  Beginner friendly! Little knowledge of either universe is needed and if in doubt ask in an action!

Location ~ Suijin Temple

> You are Dell Conagher, a southern good ol' boy from Bee Cave Texas, have eleven hard science PhDs and have a passion for designing and building contraptions of various kinds.  During the Gravel Wars you worked for Reliable Demolition & Excavation also known as RED, before Gray Mann took over RED and BLU. You were then hired by Saxton Hale, to try and back Mann Co. and were somewhat successful before Gray figured out a loophole in Mann Co. policy to perform a hostile takeover.  Several years then passed and eventually your team got their revenge and defeated Gray Mann along with this TFC Mercenaries and restored control of RED and BLU to the Administrator.  Speaking of the Administrator, last time you saw her she proceeded to use up the entire world's supply of Australium to restore her age to that of a young woman, which was a terrible idea from your perspective since you calculated she had around an hour to live instead of the six-months you initially calculated.  She insisted that she had to settle some sort of childhood debt and had to do so while "looking her best".  She then walked out and you havent seen or heard about her since.
> You are currently at Suijin, one of the last known remaining locations that Gray Mann's robots control.  A robot manufacturing station is located a little ways past where old BLU spawn used to be and your team has devised a plan involving pushing a Gravel Wars payload cart into the facility to end these robots once and for all.

> However now is not the time to be reviewing your life choices!  You have more pressing matters to deal with, like the fact that you just heard someone decloak behind you!

> You are currently upstairs in the Suijin Temple Tower, with your L3 Sentry aimed down at the payload, your dispenser and teleporter next to you and your disposable mini-sentry is located just outside the right window.
> The Payload is currently in the Suijin Temple Tower, where the former Control Point used to be and according to Miss Pauling's last announcement there's around two minutes left on the payload's clock.

>What mercs are on our team right now? Are all 9 of us present for this mission? If so, where are they? (Or at least, where are they supposed to be?)
> Heavy is defending and pushing the cart by riding on it.
> Medic is crouching behind the cart, pocketing the heavy and providing him with crits whenever a 'more organized' push is made by the robots
> Scout is on the roof just outside the window on your far side
> You do not have line of sight to your other teammates, so you are unsure of where they are

> After beating Gray's robots at Mannhattan and Rottenburg hundreds of times you realized that it's much easier to get through their waves with a full team, so yes everyone is here.

> Inventory (Equipped)
>> Rescue Ranger
>>> Lets you repair buildings from afar with small claw like missiles
>> Wrangler
>>> A red laser pointer that lets you take manual control of RED sentries
>> Wrench
>>> You can build pretty much anything with this (provided you have the blueprints)
>> Construction PDA
>>> A multifunction PDA that can store blueprints and project them with a holographic display and keep track of building health remotely among other functions
>> Destruction PDA
>>> Can remotely destroy buildings
> Inventory (Unequipped)
>> Short Circuit
>>> Fires a large energy sphere that can delete projectiles middair.  Being a part of your robotic right arm, you can't remove it
>> Gunslinger
>>> Allows very percise fine movements, allowing you to build miniature contraptions.  Being a part of your robotic right arm you can't remove it
>Out of curiosity, who was on what side back in the days of RED vs BLU? Were the nine of us split between both teams, or was the opposing team made out of clones?
>When we heard the decloak, did either of our sentries make the "Enemy detected" noise? If they did it could narrow down the possible identity of whoever's behind us.
>How does friendly fire work? Can we hurt each other, or is "spy-checking" a valid strategy?
>Did Medic bring any of those reanimators with him in case things go south?
>Do we know what Spy's job was for this operation?
> When you were originally hired by the Administrator you were genuinely confused on how you could work two shifts simultaneously, before she explained that a single clone of you would be created to fill in the other shift and the (very generous) pay and many benefits would be split evenly between the two of you.  Initially you had your doubts about this before you realised she was actually offering you a once in a lifetime oppurtunity to develop the technology needed to accomplish cloning itself with a near infinite research budget.

> The sentry is clicking but at some annoying scout bots trying to bodyblock the payload, it does not seem to have noticed whatever is behind you as it would prefer a nearer target over a farther one

> There is no friendly fire between members of the same team, you simply phase through each other.  You don't know the specifics of this as it has to do with respawning, something Medic invented.  You do know however that Mann Co weapons are designed to respect this and some will change team colors to indicate this when held by a member of the opposite team.  Spy checking is indeed a valid and life saving strategy

> None of you are currently carrying Reanimators as your team's respawn location is just a building away and you've set up a teleporter, making them kind of redundant on this mission

> Spy's job was to infiltrate the Robot manufacturing facility and attempt to stop or slow down the production rate from inside, however it is not unheard of for Spy to improvise and do something other than his original assignment
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