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Final Fantasy V Four Job Fiesta 2019 FROM OUTTA NOWHERE edition
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(this may or may not have been 95% lifted from two-year-ago's thread, including this line itself)

(try here for last year)


Q: What is this?
A: A month-and-a-half long charity marathon benefiting Child's Play.  Play Final Fantasy V, on whatever platform you want (SNES, PS1, GBA, phone, Steam, emulator) with the jobs given to you by the custom RNG bot and benevolent overlord, Gilgabot!

Q: When does it start?
The fiesta begins on on June  17th or the completion of ~*~the run~*~ (which is currently running as of when this topic was made  :getdown: )(details on the main site)
Registration is LIVE!
It runs through the end of August, so there's plenty of time and no rush (except for #BERSERKERRISK).  You can even register once the fiesta has begun, register for another run after you finish so no worries if you check this topic out later.

Q: What do I need to sign up?
A: A twitter account.  That's it.  You can totally make a throwaway twitter account for this; just make sure you will be able to remember the password.  It's used to tweet at Gilgabot for commands, such as signing up, revealing jobs, and reporting victories.  If you have a private account, you'll need to either unlock it when you send the command tweets or send a message to get added to Gilgabot's friend list (I can give instructions if needed)
Also too you can log-in on the website based on your Twitter account and see all your runs from years gone by!

Q: How does the four job thing work?
A: This depends on the ruleset you choose.  You can also read them all on the website
In Standard, once you get your first crystal and reveal your first job, your entire party will be locked into that job.  As you get the new jobs, you need to have one representative of each available job at all times (excluding when you have insufficient party members to do so, in those cases just make sure everyone has a different job).  You can swap jobs as often as you want within that limitation, and mix and match the abilities you learn freely.  This is what you will sign up for by default.
In Natural Only, each character is locked to Freelancer until you get their respective crystal - at which point the character is locked forever into whatever job you got for that crystal.  No mixing and matching jobs.  This is the tougher one by a significant margin! 
Upgrade is sort of a mix between the two modes.  Your entire party will start out all the same job just as a standard run.  However, once the next set of jobs is available you can choose when to ~upgrade~ your full team to your next assigned job. You can keep using any skills you learned previously and equip them on your new jobs, so have fun grinding  and hope Gilgabot has mercy on you for your endgame job  :V
Fifth Job will overwrite your prior Earth Crystal roll with a new job (following whatever run type you are on) when Krile joins your team.  You can't use any skills from your prior final roll, so a sort of do-over but only for the 4th job.

Q: Which run choice do I pick?
A: There's several sets of runs that affect what classes you can obtain:
Regular is the original mode, you will receive one random Wind, Water, Fire, and Earth job at each crystal.  This is what I'd recommend for a first timer.
Random will open up additional jobs for each crystal - any job that you haven't obtained yet that is also up for grabs.  For instance, the Water crystal may also unlock a new Wind job instead, and the Earth could hand you any job in the game.  You're more likely to receive jobs from the first crystals as a result, and less likely to see an Earth crystal job.
Chaos Mode is similar to Random, except that any job is up for grabs for each crystal.  This means you have a pretty decent chance of not getting a job from the Wind crystal and needing to No Job Siesta a bit longer.  This mode also enables the possibility of rolling the same job for multiple crystals!
Popular Mode is similar to Chaos Mode, but it's weighted towards jobs that were voted for on Twitter last year which is skewed towards mages IIRC.  Chaos mode for people who are afraid of getting 3 Geomancers and a Dragoon, basically.
Pure Chaos Mode is if you want Chaos but don't want dupes.  As a bonus Mime and Freelancer are also up for grabs!
Advance Mode adds the bonus dungeon jobs to the Earth crystal pool.
Team 750 and Team No 750 is a modifier that divides the classes in half in the general theme of Magic vs Physical (or close enough to allow an even divide) named after the cost of an elemental rod, as using/breaking one in battle to cast a powerful spell is a common tactic for mages.  The breakdowns are:

* Team 750:  Wind - White Mage/Black Mage/Blue Mage       Water - Time Mage/Summoner/Red Mage     Fire -  Geomancer/Bard    Earth -  Chemist/Dancer
* Team No 750: Wind - Thief/Monk/Knight     Water - Mystic Knight/Berserker     Fire - Ninja/Beastmaster/Ranger     Earth - Dragoon/SamuraiClassic will assign you one of the six original FF1 classes at each job, and can assign you multiples of the same job.  This is automatically under Natural Only rules, as above.  Could be potentially hellish (four white mages is a legit risk)
Forbidden causes you to lose a job to THE VOID upon entering the final dungeon.
Winner Mode... as of right now, it is a mystery.

Q: Berserker Risk?
A: Based on the amount of donations received before preregistration ends vs the number of players who signed up for this, those players will be guaranteed to receive at least one Berserker and maybe more depending on job mode!  You can only sign up for Berserker Risk before the Fiesta begins so choose wisely.  They're quite a challenging class to work with due to really being entirely out of your control, but that doesn't mean they're bad.  Just brace yourself!

To clarify, adding #BERSERKKERRISK to a Regular run will lock you into getting a 'zerker for your Water crystal job and that's it (they will always hit the bare minimum of donations)  Adding it to a Random run opens up the possibility of your Fire and/or Earth crystal jobs getting overridden by THE RISK.  And Chaos Mode?  Hope you're ready for the chance of FOUR BERSERKERS  :o 
In my opinion/experience, having just one isn't much of a liability outside of a few battles and for some teams it'd be a great source of damage throughout the game - let me tell you about the year I had Team Tickle Kitten Berserker Babysitters Club.  If you really want a risk, make sure to sign up for Chaos or Random!

Q: I don't know Final Fantasy V that well...
A: What a great time to come play the best one!  Our buddy Garlyle is some sort of FF5 Wizard and wrote a handbook (it's written using SNES terms, but a number of us in here can translate so don't be hesitate to ask for clarification!) specifically oriented towards the FJF that covers more or less everything you'd ever want to know to make the most of the game's mechanics, the classes you've drawn, to help you figure out boss strategies, etc.  Also, MotK has several veterans of this challenge, and we'll always be available to offer a helping hand if you stumble or just run face first into a brick wall.
And yes, this is totally a great excuse to play FFV for the first time!

FOR NEW PLAYERS: I recommend doing a Normal run for your first playthrough.  Even the "worst" combo you can get still has some tricks up your sleeve.

Q: Is there any way I can watch someone miss on Byblos 6 times in a row and laugh at her misfortune?
A: A few of us will be streaming our runs!  Come check us out, subscribe to keep on top of stream times and post if you got a link I missed!

Arashi (maybe??)
2018 thread here in case any of you all want or need it (the OP link is to the 2017 thread)
whups, too busy going "wait there's no thread and The Run is already happening", fixed now.

Doing WINNER RISK to start, going to see if I can actually get two runs in this year.
oh hey maybe I'll actually finish this year since I'm in a new job that shouldn't be giving me crazy hours all summer  :V

As for my run type....
Oh boy, year 6 go!

For some more reference, here's Enkibot, the quickie FF5 FJF run buddy if anyone could use it.
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