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Is fantastic danmaku festival as hard as an official touhou game?
Alla wala town:
Recently, I've managed to 1cc both fantastic danmaku festival touhou games in easy mode on the first try and normal mode in under 10 tries, while I cannot even 1cc easy modes in most official touhou games and even the easier ones like PCB. I'm definitly not trying to put any shade on any of the games, and I actually think that FDF is more fun then normal touhou because I rage less while playing it. So is touhou FDF and FDF part 2 easier then the games created by zun?
(and yes, I'm a huge touhou noob please don't bully me for my skills)
The original release of FDF 1 was actually much harder than official games.  However, a balancing patch was done before the Steam release which brought the difficulty down a ton, and FDF 2 is also based on this amount of difficulty.  The Extras, on the other hand, are still incredibly punishing.
Of course, ZUN games themselves vary widely in difficulty, from LoLK on the tough end to LLS on the forgiving.  PCB is known for having one of the deceptively tough Easy modes compared to its Normal.  So there's no shame in where your skill is now, just keep playing and you'll keep getting better.
Alla wala town:
Ohhhhh actually didn't know about the steam patch, makes sense now! Thank you a lot!
To the best of my knowledge, the easier version of the first FDF is not available outside of Steam. Which is good, as the original version needs to be preserved and researched more. You can still find it here. Hopefully it stays up forever, but I still have it if it disappears.

Always remember, people think the original version of the first Lenen is wildly unbalanced, even though it's actually the most balanced and the highest quality game that developer has made so far. I'm not saying the original version of the first FDF is perfectly balanced, but I am saying that I don't trust most of the people whining about it, and that I have a pretty good reason to not do so.
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