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Touhou Project 17 「東方鬼形獣 ~ Wily Beast and Weakest Creature.」
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Oh no the toehoes became furry.
I'm in.
Lmao oh my god this is definitely a twist from what I was expecting

--- Quote ---Wolf Ghost
-Mega-powerful concentrated shot
-Wolf Mode time increased
-Personality becomes barbaric

Otter Ghost
-Mega-powerful bombs, default bomb count +1
-Otter Mode time increased
-Personality becomes opportunistic

Eagle Ghost
-Mega-powerful spread shot
-Eagle Mode time increased
-Personality becomes arrogant

--- End quote ---
Gameplay system evidently involves collecting animal items to fill that 5-icon meter in the corner. Simple enough, though it looks like the icons can also be filled with power and point items? 'Kay.

Judging by the diamond pattern on the lasers in gameplay screen 3, the player there is probably Marisa? Temporarily armed with huge Illusion Lasers thanks to Eagle Mode, I imagine

Normal Mode is titled "Shiba Inu Level" i love it
As for my own thoughts, I really really like the stylization of the game title. It looks so good.

The stage shown looks to be somewhere around Muenzuka, from my guess. You might be heading towards Higan to end up in Hell as a kind of unexpected entrance.

The beast selection is labeled "choose the animal spirit that possesses you", using the same "possession" term as AoCF.

Literally hypers in my Touhou


also canonical reasons why these three characters are the ones playable:
- youmu: is half phantom
- reimu: has been to hell before no biggie
- marisa: Spoiler: is fucking dead
So now waiting for the release of "WBaWC"

--- Quote from: Plubio on April 17, 2019, 06:15:05 AM ---Oh no the toehoes became furry.
I'm in.

--- End quote ---

Oh god, Touhou literally have Fursona now. The furry art will be thriving.

Also, barbaric is definitely Reimu, opportunistic is definitely Marisa, and you could kinda said that Youmu can be abit over her head I guess?
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