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Touhou Project 17 「東方鬼形獣 ~ Wily Beast and Weakest Creature.」
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Suspicious person:

--- Quote from: CyberAngel on September 15, 2019, 09:39:05 AM ---Look, this is the prime example of what I called "retroactive explanation". Using in-universe reasons to explain the story and then using the story to justify the in-universe stuff. What I'm suggesting is looking outside the box and thinking why ZUN wrote things that way in the first place. Which I'm saying were unnecessarily convoluted and could have been done better.

--- End quote ---
The thing is that in-universe stuff is what constitutes the setting inside of which this particular story is told. If the story was told without any background of any kind to be based on, I don't see how that would be any more solid, so I don't think that this particular kind of storytelling is necessarily bad. When it comes to the reading of Touhou games stories, there is the prologue, the story in the manual, the dialogues, and the omake text. I'd agree on the "retroactive explanation" thing IF the various endings had explained everything that lead to the incident, which they do not quite do. Spoiler: The closest thing there are Keiki's feelings on the matter and Kicchou's rationnale, both of which could be infered from the omake
For this game in particular, I'd even argue that the setting involving something completely new actually make things easier to understand than stuff like LoLK, which requires you to know Touhou lore about the Moon, their standing in regards to the earth, Fairies and their nature, as well as what happened in ULiL : no need to have knowledge of ALL of the previous stuff, including the troubles in Hell cuz the omake mention it anyway.

And speaking of the omake, specifically Kicchou's profile, it essentially contain ALL of the backstory, all of the events that lead to the Beast invastion, as well as the standing of all factions in regard to each other : the alliance between the Beast organisation is in there too, as well as Kicchou's role. The various goons clearly know her by name but not necessarily by look, and its the animal partner's knowledge of her identity plus her ability, information that are well available in the omake, and the knowledge of the plan that they're taking part in that smoothes things over. Furthermore the otter spirit dialogues shows that something is going on.

The heroines probably didn't read the omake so they had no idea what was going on, and honestly, its the player / reader's job to understand the story. I mean, all the pieces necessary to understand it are available.

Something can probably be said about the information being spread to a manual and a small document that is not in-game, like when to read the omake, but checking all the relevant text that comes with the games has always been the correct way to read Touhou plots since ever.
I'm not saying there's anything wrong with that approach, the story does use its tools in a solid way without any plot holes. But I'm saying it's not the only way to look at it, and from a meta level it does show signs of narrative deteriorating. If you can ignore it then fine, have your fun. But in my case this one makes me question if I even want to know where the official story is heading anymore. As a big lore fan myself, this isn't a good feeling to have, but the issues stand out too much for me to close my eyes on them.
Suspicious person:
It's literally just a small dialogue exchange tho
The thing you're complaining about I mean

Just like how WaHH's ending distinguished itself from FS's ending, the current debatable laziness does not necessarily guarantee future suckiness for all there is to come, writing wise.
the old guy:
The fact that there are people who REFUSE to accept that Yachie used her power is proof that people are just looking for reasons to despise the story.
...Kid, who are you even trying to argue with now? Providing criticism, personal opinions and alternate interpretations don't make the story any less valid. Is your own reading of it so fragile and shaky that you feel the need to protect it from anything that would cast a shadow of doubt upon it?

Seriously, you're just embarassing yourself at this point. If you have any personal hangups then sort them out in a more personal manner. Either way, grow up and learn to just let go already.
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