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Rumia Quest Revival III: Heresy and Magic
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//I'm fine with trying it out on the new forum. I personally think quests fare better in a forum environment anyway as opposed to discord.

//Also I heard that there are archive crawlers going through there forum, so RPG and MSG might get backed up by them. But yeah I agree that summarizing this thread is a good idea in case they don't for whatever reason
Yes; I've got wind of the mirrors and such being set up. All the more reason to pause while this is going on, because we don't know how much they'll be updated beyond initial mirroring/saving/archiving/ect.

Reminds me to save a copy of my signiture. Also that random link added to it. At this point it's a part of my profile.

EDIT: Oh wait we might have a new thing setup already: https://www.shrinemaiden.com/index.php [Note .com and not .org]

It's quite late so I can't set things up today. Will try tomorrow.
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