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[SSLP] Red Tape and Xenos - The XCOM Files
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XCOM. It's a fairly well-liked turn-based game about shooting aliens and saving planet Earth. Or at least humanity.

The game's roots lie in a fairly old title known as "XCOM: UFO Defense". And, surprise surprise, that's the game we're playing today!

Or, rather, we're playing a total conversion mod known as "The XCOM Files". Made by one Solarius Scorch, this mod starts your organization before the events of the canonical game - the year is 1996, and the X-Com: Global Investigation Bureau has just been established in the face of mounting evidence of extraterrestrial forces on Earth. As its commander, your job is to find and stop such activities, slowly growing stronger and stronger until you can find the source of all the strange phenomena...

And I'm preparing to present a Let's Play of it!


I know my first attempt at a SSLP didn't go over so well. I got discouraged early on and decided to abandon the project, complete with deleting my save file.

Well, I can't just sit around just playing video games to pass my free time, and, hey, maybe I'll be able to complete this (or at least get a few characters killed)!

Okay, so, before I set up the actual intro post itself, I'd like to extend an offer to join the organization as an agent - note that this means you'll be hiring on as a rookie and may very well die on your very first mission.
Feel free to add me. Doom and Quake taught me more than enough about facing extraterrestrials :D
^ Same here, plus some experience with both the original games and the remake. Killing aliens is fun. Count me in.
Tamer Anode/Cathode:
As someone who also did an SSLP of X-COM on this forum way back, I'm interested to see how this goes. Sign me up.

File 001

It?s my first day on this job and I think I?m fucked.

After an unfortunate incident involving a spent shell casing, a stapler, and the gift I was sending for the department?s Secret Santa, I... kind of found myself being assigned to an... unenviable position.

I?m now in charge of the newly formed XCOM Global Investigations Bureau, a project that most of my colleagues agreed was - and still is - doomed to failure. Which, I suppose, only further cements my position here, seeing as how I barely know what we?re supposed to do. The objective of the project is to investigate for signs of extraterrestrial activity and put a stop to them. For now, that means wait for something to come in and respond to it, I guess. That appears to be the set up we?ve got.

Okay, that?s not giving my colleagues enough credit - all of them are probably more fit to run this thing than I am, and somehow they haven?t attempted to make a move... Or offer any guidance, really.

Guess they can already tell how well things are gonna go and wanna get back to positions that mean something to them.

Might as well introduce you to who they are, what they do, and what problems they?re gonna be facing, ?cause while other departments are fighting a lot of fires, we set up in the midst of a forest blaze.

Okay, that one sounded fucking stupid. I?ll probably delete it later, but, knowing how oversight can be, just typing this in probably preserved it for eternity. Anyway...

This is the accountant, Helen Marks. Her role is to make sure I don?t run myself into the ground financially and also to manage the project in general. I suppose she won?t exactly be doing a whole lot specific to the nature of our work, but she?s still a critical component nonetheless, and she assured me she?d be here at least as long as me... Which, knowing me, is probably the next two months, if we?re lucky.

This is Diana Vahlen, Chief Medical Officer of the Bureau. Treats agents after they?ve sustained injuries, and also performs any scientific analyses on the things we bring in, whatever their nature. Constantly uses antiseptics to keep her lab and gear clean, and she supposedly heard good things about me? I?m pretty sure she was just buttering me up when I said that, though.

Rodriguez Scott here is boisterous, an excellent coffee maker, and also the intel specialist - whether that?s making calls, conducting research, or just scaring the hell out of people. Kind of like what happened the first time I forgot her name. Seems that she?s currently completely in the dark as to the cause of the reports we?ve been getting are, just like the rest of the world, and will need subjects or documents in order to begin to get intel. The way she talked made it sound as though killing people in the field would be nothing... which still seems strange to me... I wonder how many of my colleagues have killed before...

Randall Graham handles our armory and equipment, and can help expand our arsenal as needed. Seeing as we only have pistols and small shotguns available, we might need something else. He said something to me when we first met about how his instinct said shootings will be common... and, well, he?s old and in his position for a reason, so I suppose I should listen, even if I don?t quite buy into the idea of gut instinct.

I just hope ?harder to take down than usual? doesn?t mean ?bulletproof?, because if that?s the case we?re gonna have some real problems on our hands.

And finally, there?s two people, Dismas and Reynauld, who seem strangely familiar somehow... I can?t really think of much to say about them so far save that Reynauld seems more skilled than Dismas, at least, according to the evaluation reports...

Probably better I didn?t question it. I?m in enough trouble as it is.

So yeah. To recap, first day, already fucked, surrounded by talent and currently waiting for something to come in.

I?m having a great time here.
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