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15th Annual Touhou Project Popularity Poll
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--- Quote from: nav' on February 03, 2019, 01:14:53 PM ---It's worth noting that Cirno's theme is rapidly rising, going from 31 to 25 in just two years. Soon, the strongest shall claim her rightful place and top the list!

--- End quote ---

Cirno herself did quite a jump this time, interestingly enough. Are Fairy Wars 2 speculations a thing in Japan too, I wonder?
Aya Reiko:
Unfortunately, participation continues to decline; 24k votes for characters, 18k for music, 14k for works.  Compare this to the 13th poll which was 37k, 28k, and 21k votes respectively.  (I couldn't find all info for the 14th poll, from which I can tell 30k votes for characters were made.)

I didn't vote this year because I just wasn't all that interested in it.
Dang it, I'm a day late for voting out of no other reason than scatterbrained-ness  :(. Hina is 3 points behind Orin. Is a number 1 vote worth more than a single point? I'm wondering if I would have flipped those two had I been on time.
Probably not  :wat:
Looks like I unfortunately missed this one. Ah well, at least Youmu went up to 3rd place.
The pebble is sinking! Of course there was no way it would simply float after skipping it along.
Despite the appearance and inclusion of other fairies in print works, the greatest continues to climb! Daiyousei will get there yet!
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