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{0.12m][Full Game]DanMUku
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So DanMUku. A bit after starting using Danmakufu, I thought I would try doing a little game starring people from the forum I was a member in. That was in 2009 or something. I worked on it on and off for a long time. Danmakufu ph3 released during that time but I didn't really want to upgrade, so there you get a 0.12m script hihi. Anyway, I finally finished the game in 2017 and released it on the aforementionned forum. (link if you want to see, it's in french though)
I later thought I would translate the game and release it in english and here I am finally doing this ! Hourray !

So to talk a bit about it, it's a full-game with the appropriate number of stages and bosses (no extra though) and 3 shot types (2 I made myself and 1 I found on the wiki back then and tweaked but it seems the script doesn't have the name of the creator, sorry). And I there's no menu so just select DanMUku in stages to play all the stages or play the individual stages/spells. There is only one difficulty and it starts pretty easy but get harder than a normal difficulty, beware ! The story is full of reference to the previously mentionned forum, but well I translated anyway^^

I think that's all I have to say really, please enjoy and comment, here is the link for the game:
* (53509.9 kB - downloaded 84 times.)

Oh, and a few images :

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