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> Your name is Konngara.
> You are one of the four Devas of the Mountain, and have been around since before Gensokyo was even a named place. For hundreds of years, oni, and humans fought to gain and maintain control over what is now Youkai Mountain. Eventually, a political marriage between you and one of the leading humans was arranged to smooth over relations between them. This turned out to be a trick: with one less leader around, the humans could easily pick off the exhausted oni forces.
> You abandoned the lineage you had started on the surface, and went Underground with the oni who remained. You have all stayed there for hundreds of years, not knowing what was happening miles above. One of your descendants came down just to beat you up at some point, but until Suika went to the surface, nothing. You can count the times you've been to the surface over the past decade on one hand. You are absolutely out of touch with kids these days, so much that you still use lethal danmaku and not spellcards.
> These days, you and Yuugi are letting Former Hell run on its own, mostly. It is peaceful enough that you do not need to be around to watch over your people all the time. And, to be honest, you're just really tired. You're like, a thousand years old, and want to take a nap.

> You are currently in your shrine, located a ways away from the Ancient City. You've just awoken from one of those aforementioned naps, and are sitting on your futon. In the other room, you hear the clacking of your pet's talons on the hardwood floor.
> Kikuri, Hell's Moon, bathes the cavern in a coppery glow. What will you do?

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Hello Purvis:
>Look around the area, what sort of things do we have in here?

--- Quote from: Hello Purvis on October 20, 2018, 12:11:43 AM --->Look around the area, what sort of things do we have in here?

--- End quote ---

> You look around your room. There is your closet door to the right, and next to THAT is your vanity, and a small stool. Your hairbrush and makeup have been overtaken by several small, vinyl figures with big heads and big eyes. They're called pops, apparently, but you don't know what they have to do with soda.
> On the other side of your room is coffee table repurposed as a desk. Several slabs of copper and metalworking materials, including etching files and bottles of acid, are here. You really ought to do your work outside, but it's easiest to focus in your room. An old rusted fan is plugged into the wall to circulate the air.
> Something is scratching at your door.

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Hello Purvis:
>Daily responsibilities?
>Let's check the door.

--- Quote from: Hello Purvis on October 20, 2018, 01:59:54 AM --->Quests
>Daily responsibilities?
>Let's check the door.

--- End quote ---

> Quests:

> Deliver copper disks to Yuugi.
     > You have finished some coins, and they are ready to be added to the circulation. You just need to deliver them to Yuugi.
> Visit the Palace of the Earth Spirits.
     > You have to pick up some supplies from there.
> Visit the Hakurei Shrine.
     > You haven't been to the surface in a long time. It wouldn't hurt to see what's going on up there, and maybe visit the hot springs.

> Daily responsibilities:

> Clean shrine.
     > The Silent Shrine technically belongs to Kikuri. In exchange for board, you are in charge of upkeep and checking for donations. You also have a primitive vending machine for fortunes. You can't be here all the time!
> Patrol city.
     > You and Yuugi have the city divided between the two of you: she watches the half near the surface tunnel, and you watch the area near the Palace of the Earth Spirits. Your biggest priorities are making sure the granaries, distilleries, and wine cellars are okay. You also make sure the animals at the Palace aren't overstepping their boundaries. Sometimes, you end the day by literally herding cats.

> Inventory:

> Red hakama, kimono, & mountaineering boots
     > Your clothes. Ideal for the cold Underground.
> Sword
     > Your weapon of choice. It is long, broad, and heavy even by oni standards. You've had this for most of your life.
> Leather rucksack
     > Carries up to twelve additional items. You don't really trust hammerspace inventories...Not after the stories you've heard.
> Chicken feed
     > A small satchet of grains suitable for chickens.

> You slide the door open, and a bright red hen struts into your room. Though her coloration is mottled in some places, she is very much a red chicken. Unnaturally so. You still haven't named her.
> The hen sits her feathery butt on your pillow and clucks.

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