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What do your friends/family think of your love for Touhou ?
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My family mostly don't care.

They find it no odder than anything else I like. If anything; they're approving of my interest in the cultural aspect. [After all; a big thing I like Touhou for is the character inspirations and adaptations] They seem impressed whenever there's some kind of application for the cultural aspects I know at least.

They approved enough to decide to frame a thing I got for CPSS a few years back at least; acknowledging it looked good.

It's also worth mentioning that my family in general has quite a positive opinion on fantasy which probobly helps.
the old guy:
I've met most of my online friends' thanks to Touhou, and mostly my RL friends don't seem to be bothered by my Touhou love at all. They are neutral to Touhou at worse.

My family would find Touhou really weird and probably think I'm looking at weird hentai, considering almost all of the characters are cute girls (who are also usually really freaking rude people). So I keep it away from them.
Hyper Nuclear Engine X20A:
I haven't told anyone about Touhou except from my 5-year old sister. She seems to love it. Her favourite is Touhou 15.5 because she finds the danmaku games too hard for her. I've also shown and let my friend play EoSD and he seems quite interested, although he couldn't get past stage 2.
they think i'm weird, but even in touhou did no exist they will still think the same, so is kinda akward pepehands
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