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[VLP] The Disappearing of Gensokyo - For Touhou, fandom is canon?
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Hello fellow maidens! As much as I enjoyed the screenshot format, I was dead-set from the start that I wouldn't be abandoning Video Let's Plays. So here's my newest project: A Touhou fangame that I was fairly certain I would be covering after just my first session of playing it. It is one of the more influential ones to be released in the last few years:



The Chinese developer MyACG Studio seems to have been very indecisive about whether it's to be called "Disappearance" or "Disappearing" of Gensokyo . Early physical versions from 2016 use "Disappearance", but on the Steam version of this year, "Disappearing" is used exclusively. It's a top-down action game where you have one side of your controls (by default: WASD) moving your character and the other your aim (by default: The mouse). In short: A twin-stick shooter. There are also minor RPG-elements to the gameplay.

I'll often be abbreviating the long title of the game as its initials, "DoG". I find that much more hilarious than I should admit...

The story starts off basic enough: Strange beings carrying the name "sinsacks" have found their way into Gensokyo and are becoming a nuisance to everybody. It is up to Eldest Daughter Tenshi Hinanawi to find out why they are appearing, where they are coming from, and, most importantly, to put a stop to all this nonsense!

Now there was something that made me almost not make this thread: We already had someone from our community cover this game in a Let's Play format, Your Everyday Neet. Apart from enjoying what I saw myself, I think it is necessary to point there, otherwise I would seem ignorant.
I pondered hard whether this was a reason I wouldn't host my own Let's Play of it here. How many Let's Plays of the same game can fit on a single forum? I think Neet's and my techniques and opinions are different enough that the projects can be distinguished from each other. After all, Neet narrated by subtitle, mine is done by voice. If my squawking takes you out of the experience, you have an alternative. If you like what you hear on the other hand, you're at the right place.
I hope multiple people making Let's Plays of the same game on our forum is alright? I'm open for concerns. I agree that if there were a third dude coming along with the same idea, it would get comical! :D

Additional info on this playthrough:

- None of the purchasable DLC characters/weapons will be used. I do own them, but I currently have them all deactivated. If we were to use any, the value of the Let's Play as a strategy guide would be severely hampered, as it would spell out "pay for a certain DLC to have an easier time with a boss".
- Lorebooks we find in the levels will be screenshotted within this thread and ignored in the video. That's so that the action will have a better flow.
- Even though some non-DLC characters are underpowered compared to the meta, I'll try to give each at least some amount of screentime.
- If I miss one of the 48 (more or less) hidden magic pieces, I'll mention in the thread where it can be found.
- Upgrade configuration and new unlocks will also be part of the thread, not necessarily of the video.
- Chosen difficulty is Normal. It may seem deceptively easy-going at first...
- As always for me, commentary was done after recording the video footage (post-commentary).

List of videos for quick navigation:

Full Playlist

Part 01 - She's Your Anti-hero
Part 02 - Frozen Like English Beef
Part 03 - Rascally Orbital Rabbit
Part 04 - I'm Not Officer, Drunk!
Part 05 - Everyone Gets Their Just Deserts
Part 06 - Your Fairy Mafia Godmother
Part 07 - Duchess Nukem
Part 08 - Po-po-po-po-poke Her Face!
Part 09 - The Catgirl that is also Elon Musk
Part 10 - When Calamari Orders You
Part 11 - Sorry, I wasn't listening there for an hour
Part 12 - She prefers her stake rare, ideally never
Part 13 - Fly me to the Moon
Part 14 - Amurica! F*kc Yeah!
Part 15 - 78.000 Leagues Above the Sea
Part 16 - Are you Watching, Rating and Sharing This, Chang'E!?
Part 17 - The Economic Niche that is the Phantom Zone
Part 18 - Being Ugly Makes you a Villain, Right?
Part 19 (Final) - No Legal Division Required

Bonus: The Azure Fortress after the incident (SSLP)
Bonus: A Surprise to be Sure, But a Welcome One

This is the "lorepost" for episode 1! Let's view the four messages of stage 1 we couldn't be bothered to stop for during the video. They're actually quite extensive:

In the very first chamber of the level, we get an introduction to who Tenshi is. A very terrible person. Mostly, at least. The second half is white-knighting to her rescue a little.

Second chamber and we have to learn about Iku. Now here they're really mixing up fandom and canon. Tenshi and Iku have only met by chance and are, at best, indifferent to each other. Before we get too annoyed at what we're seeing here, know this: I think making their stance to each other fanonical for this game was done very deliberately and with an idea in mind. We'll get more into that as the Let's Play goes on.

This lies in Mystia's room and can't be read before meeting her. As sweet and huggable as Mystia comes across in this game, MyACG stays earnest for her description. All canonical, as far as I can tell.

Some general information how the world of Gensokyo came into existence, as well as a mention of Yukari and Reimu, the two people that allow the barrier to stay up. This lorebook can be found just in front of hostile Clone-Tenshi.
Your Everyday NEET:
Anyone can LP a game whenever they wish. Even if that game already LPed before. It's not like I'll go: "Hey! You LPed a game that I LPed before! Take it down or I'll report you and delete your account to oblivion! MUAHAHAHAHA!!!". There's no restrictions on Lets Play. It's just you have to offer something unique to your LP or else your LP is drowned by the competition.

Also, the toggle camera. I didn't know about it at all. I fail to see the point in that. It's really bad for fighting and the character model themselves is...

--- Quote from: Your Everyday NEET on August 20, 2018, 02:48:41 PM ---There's no restrictions on Lets Play. It's just you have to offer something unique to your LP or else your LP is drowned by the competition.

--- End quote ---

Very true. Little point in putting more of the same of an overplayed game out there. I think DoG isn't there yet. I hope. I want it to be like that   :V

--- Quote from: Your Everyday NEET on August 20, 2018, 02:48:41 PM ---
Also, the toggle camera. I didn't know about it at all. I fail to see the point in that. It's really bad for fighting and the character model themselves is...

--- End quote ---

It's recommended for model viewing and absolutely nothing else. Don't look at them too close to bedtime!  :D

I've got something done today:

Coming up are another four lorebooks that we completely ignored during episode 2:

This one is next to the second magic piece, slightly obscured but visible if you try hard enough. So now we have a name: White Tenshi. That does not answer how she found Gensokyo and how she could enter it.

We find this just before we cross the bridge to Cirno's arena. As avatars of natural powers, fairies are eternal. We can beat them up all we want, they won't stop existing. For the sake of the game though, they do stay dead long enough that you can advance through the levels.

Some more lore can be found in the niche of the third magic piece. I argue that among the Three Fairies of Light, at least Luna Child is smarter than Cirno, as she likes to read. But yes, with many ifs and buts and comparatively to her peers, you could make a claim that Cirno isn't too stupid.

Southwest of the crash-site, and it's about Byabya. The last sentence is in reference to her urban legend of Touhou 14.5, Turbo Granny. Her motorbike, believe it or not, is also in this game. We'll talk about that some other time.
We're slashing and singing and freezing our way through the early parts of the game. Episode 3 gives you some more of that, and a few new faces to look at. One of them you don't want to stare at too long for the sake of your sanity.

It's almost not worth making a screenshot for this early in the game, but our perk loadout is:

"Dowsing Rod 1 - You have a chance to gain blue points when hit." The mentioned icons will drop out of your character and will then have to be picked up from the floor. Getting hit is never good, but this is a nice consolation at least.

Reading time has come once again:

Visible as soon as you enter the level. Don't forget your umbrellas, or else they become Kogasa!
...On second thought, leave them behind on purpose, so that we'll have more Kogasas.

This one's in the niche of the first magic piece. I do find the fact interesting that Reisen can make herself irresistably beautiful through her powers. It reminds me of a certain scene in Forbidden Scrollery. Spoiler: The merchant Reisen was disguised as seemed really cute before the unmasking. Afterwards it was like she lost her make-up...

When you've survived the ricocheting gauntlet of magic piece nr. 2, you can inform yourself about the armpit miko. Very thoroughly. I think this is the largest block of text thus far. With how much her power is emphasized here, you'll have to wonder if she will be our friend during this adventure. Would be great to have her on our side.

At the third magic piece, only a small entry is dedicated to the overpowered Lunarian overlords. If they disrespect us, we'll disrespect them right back!
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