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Money is forever - Poverty Quest
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Hello Purvis:
>"Just tell me what you need me to do."
Lt Colonel Summers:
>"Okay." Nitori answers you.


>And so the two of you worked the shift until it is noon.
>The two of you decide to take a short break after all the work in the morning.
>"Geez, it's all caused by the drivers intentionally grazing other cars on the move." Nitori lampshades how every single car worked on so far have the same type of damage. "Most Gensokyians are not bound by common sense, I guess..."
Hello Purvis:
>"At least it's easy to fix?"
Lt Colonel Summers:

--- Quote from: Hello Purvis on May 24, 2019, 08:27:58 AM --->"At least it's easy to fix?"

--- End quote ---

>"Yeah. These graze-addicts at least are easier to handle than some of the more extreme idiots." Nitori tells you.
>"Oh, and have I mentioned that there was this one driver from a while ago whose front bumper is smashed into an unrecognizable piece of scrap because she wanted to see if she could knock down a huge tree?"
Hello Purvis:
>"No you hadn't! ...Did the tree survive?"
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