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Touhou Project 16.5 「Secret Sealing Nightmare Diary ~ Violet Detector」

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Get it on Steam: https://store.steampowered.com/app/924650/__Violet_Detector/


It's been a while. ZUN here.

Man, it's really hot. We all need to be seriously careful about heat stroke.
In this kind of summer, I've confined myself to cooping up inside and playing games, so I've made a little game to sell at Summer Comiket.

Touhou Project 16.5
  Secret Sealing Nightmare Diary ~ Violet Detector.

It's a game where Sumireko Usami, the high school girl that can only come to Gensokyo in her dreams, experiences some particularly strange dreams.

The aim of the game is to take pictures of psychic powers and danmaku to post onto social networks for glory, with systems that should feel very reminiscent of Shoot the Bullet, and yet somehow there's a kind of an ominous story in there, so while you can play without a care it's turning into something you can really sink your teeth into.

It's planned to be sold at Summer Comiket on August 10 (Friday) at booth 東シー15a Shanghai Alice Gengakudan.
Now let's see about the fate of Sumireko Usami.

Gravure Model Photoshoot session by Sumireko.

This blessing from ZUN is too much for me. I'll have to rip my wallet again this summer.

Gah, releasing during Otakon. Oh well, looks really fun. Cant wait to play!

Good to see some more photoshooting action again... Now we only need a new Phantasmagoria as a main game.

Other things in here:

使用可能な超能力 Usable Psychic Powers
Lv1 バレットキャンセル Bullet Cancel
Lv2 テレポーテーション Teleportation
Lv3 テレフォトグラフィー Telephotography

この写真を見た回数 Number of views
👍イイッすね! Likes
❤️お気に入り! Favorites
総合評価点 Overall Score
The picture bonuses seem to be hashtags as well lol

Sumireko's bullets are her zener cards with stars on them.

Aunn's Spell Card is 独楽「コマ犬大回転」 Spinning Top "Big Komainu Spin"


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