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Touhou 16 「東方天空璋(とうほうてんくうしょう) ~ Hidden Star in Four Seasons」 announced

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Suwako Moriya:
ZUN updated his blog today with some exciting news!

[moriya]This post has been edited with Drake's translation.[/moriya]
EDITED by cuc:
The main title can be translated as "Eastern Jade Scepter of the Skies" or "Eastern Jade Ladle of the Skies".
Background info here.
New character on the demo CD.


It's been a while. The weather over here has suddenly gotten hotter.
On the last day of Golden Week (May 7), I will also be participating in Reitaisai.

The work I'll be presenting this time is below.

Touhou Project 16th
 「東方天空璋 (Touhou Tenkuushou) ~ Hidden Star in Four Seasons.」

I'll be selling the trial version at Reitaisai (if I make it in time). The full version is planned for Summer Comiket.
Please speculate about the story from the screenshots. Doing a 180 from the last work, I'm going for a really light and refreshing feeling, I guess?

The protagonists this time are; Reimu Hakurei, Marisa Kirisame, Tanned Cirno, and Aya Shameimaru.
What kind of adventure is this even supposed to turn into, I wonder.

Something like this.
Right now I'm in crunch time, so the screenshots are highly likely to change, but it'll probably stay an STG.
I'd sure like to release the demo for Reitaisai.

This time I'd like to return to my roots with something that simply aims to make you feel good to play. No twists; the somewhat fabled "ordinary STG" might be the thing we need right now!

And with that, IT'S TENKUUSHOU-TIME!

Screenshots (and blog text) also show playable Aya.
According to ZUN, he thinks the story this time has a more light, refreshing feeling (unlike previous works).

Romantique Tp:
Cirno had too much sun!

Ya know, i'm extremely hyped for playable Cirno!

Also, seems like she finally grew back her bottom 2 wings, they were missing in DDC and ISC.

Is this really Touhou 16? Or is it like a dot version which we had for Fairy Wars and such.

Never mind, I am mega dumb for not reading ZUN's message.

> Playable character:  Hakurei Reimu, Kirisame Marisa, Tanned Cirno, Shameimaru Aya.

I am now extremely curious for all that artwork.


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