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Touhou 15.5: 東方憑依華 (Eastern Blooms of Possession) ~ Antinomy of Common Flowers

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ok then


Suwako Moriya:

--- Quote from: N-Forza on May 09, 2018, 01:27:32 AM ---As far as I know, nepotism has nothing to do with it, although I have no idea how the translator earned the privilege.

--- End quote ---

I admit that I have no way of finding out the process for sure, and I may just be a cynical old fart, but I think there's enough about the situation that doesn't pass the smell test to tell me the decision was not made with "we should have the best localization possible" as the primary concern.

(To be clear, the actual quality of the localization is an effect here, not a cause.)

That being said, as you've confirmed Tasogare is aware of the issues, I suppose I should reserve stronger judgment until after we see what they do with that information.

EDIT: I feel bad about thinking this; it feels like it could be taken as some sort of angry criticism, if not outright attack, of Tasogare. I don't think they acted uncaring or maliciously or anything like that. I just get a pretty strong feeling the decision-making process was based on "we want to reward this guy we like for being a long-time stand-up Touhou guy" more than "we want the best localization we think we can get".

--- Quote from: Jouhei ---things

--- End quote ---

AoCF's coming to ps4. Also they released a 1.19 beta patch for the game (download link on Unabara's twitter). More info about the ps4 release in few days.

I heard Unabara talked about a switch port in the stream. I'm not sure if he confirmed it or just talked about the idea.


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