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Touhou 15.5: 東方憑依華 (Eastern Blooms of Possession) ~ Antinomy of Common Flowers

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[moriya]Mod Note: Please do not use the term "loli" in regards to anyone in this game. Thanks![/moriya]

For tonight's Play,Doujin! Year-End Party stream, a new Twilight Frontier PC fighting game has been announced: Touhou Hyouibana (Eastern Blooms of Possession) ~ Antinomy of Common Flowers.


Basic information

Spotty Len:
And then they'll make PS4-exclusive stuff again?

Well, I'm glad more is coming, I just hope the title doesn't mislead me in thinking a certain favorite character of mine will be in this time around.

(Also please no RNG come on it's not so hard Tasofro.)

☆ Kana ☆:
Uhhh...?!  :o

W-well...can't say I expected that announcement, but a very pleasant surprise nonetheless~! ^w^

Never expected another fighter so fast, I'm so hyped for this!

ZUN kan't into Western philosophy.

Also Tasofro IP block watch: it's down again. Following the current pattern, we should expect it to go up when the demo is released.

I'm actually fine if Tasofro or their ISP (whoever's responsible) simply maintains a block using the usual blacklists that cover most of China, since large-scale hacker attacks launched from Chinese IPs are a legitimate problem. The scope of the block that also includes Southeast Asia, and now this dance are plain weird.


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