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Touhou Accomplishments Thread 23: Legacy of Amazing Achievements
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Don't know if we're still using the 1000-post limit here, but just in case, it's about time for a new one of these.

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Whether you're a new player working your way up the ranks or a veteran pushing the limits of your skills, if you pull off something big or small, go ahead, be proud of it, and don't let anyone (including yourself!) try to tell you otherwise. Oh, and share them in here of course. :D

I'm just getting back into the swing of things myself lately, but I practiced Echo Chamber for the first time in a long time, and I ended up capturing it in Spell Practice in five straight attempts, which was cool. All that practice can stick with you longer than even I might've anticipated.
Although I already got a NMNB in SoEW's extra stage with ReimuC, I yesterday decided to try a NB run in the extra stage with ReimuA which is arguably the worst shot to try this with (Awful in some sections of the stage and has the hardest and longest Evil Eye Sigma battle.) I could have NMNB'd if I survived one more wave of the second part of the first pattern, that would I think have been 4 waves? And the death on the fourth pattern (where it starts with the bombs) was plain stupidity I could have avoided, regardless I got the run rather fast and am rather surprised I had the stage section NMNB so quickly, I'm still contemplating wether I'll want to do a NMNB with ReimuA but I think I will; when I'm at it I will likely NMNB the pc-98 extra stages with the remaining shots.

On another note I tried to NMNB EoSD's extra stage yesterday and got some awful runs going on, I was rather sleepy and seemed to be unable to play well for somereason yesterday, the ReimuA run happened a little later during nighttime when I seemed to play well again. Oh well.

Touhou 13 "Royal Clans Chaotic Dance" No Focus Timeout Normal Mode


Wasnt too hard but i will say as the timer goes down it gets a little harder. I know its not lunatic but it is a personal accomplishment for me after playing touhou so long it feels. Eventually i want to do this on hard then maybe lunatic in the future though

th13 "Tao Taidou" No Focus Timeout


ok this one took me some time. is it just me or is stage 4 harder than final stage?

Note that these were all done in spell practice. I just decided one day i wanted to fool around and challenge myself so i figured spell practice was the best way with no lives and bombs. I have to say i really enjoyed myself XD
It's been a while.

Phantasmagoria Trues Unlimited Clear ~ 1.62 Quintillion

I beat the Japanese runner's IrohaB score a long time ago, and then decided to break the game as hard as I could.

Still the best Danmakufu game.
Don't really know if it's considered good or bad, but after a long amount of time I finally managed to beat Perfect Cherry Blossom on easy mode with Marisa A. Got all the way to stage 5 before I started dying, (which was pretty insane to me, by the way.) and only had to use my continues in stage 6, where I started dying wayyy too much.
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