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I've been posting a bunch of stuff about this translation project over back in my LP thread for Nightmare of Rebellion, but I figured it would be a good idea to shift any conversation, progress reports, screenshots, etc. over to Touhou Projects instead of clogging up the LP thread. So, that said, once I actually have the gameplay patch for NoR in a releasable condition, I'll be editing the next post (which I'll reserve for all the downloads, etc.) to include it, some example screenshots, etc., the same for when I move on to the other games. This includes Devil of Decline ~ Banquet (the other translation thread will stay for Devil of Decline ~ Festival), Touhou Quest, Marisa's Kirisame Magic Shop, Nightmare of Rebellion, and Phantasmal Summoners 2.

With that said, here's what's up with the NoR translation right now. I'm still going through item.srsdb, which is probably the largest file of them all to work through, and currently need to just get the descriptions done (I otherwise did all the names and removed all the furigana). enchant.srsdb, which had the enchantment related information, is also done. There's a few more files I am going to touch upon before releasing a "bare basics" patch, including monster.srsdb, chr.srsdb, and cond.srsdb. Once those are done, I'll make the bare basics patch and begin work on a full-er gameplay patch. The files more or less work the same way, so while I need to edit the .srsdb files as .txt files due to how the tool I got works, the .srb files (in other words, Global.srb) and the image files can be handled the exact same way as before.


Genius of Sappheiros

Patches are for version 3.00 (but should be compatible with 3.01)

Genius of Sappheiros V Stat Growth Rate Patch
Img.pak Update

Nightmare of Rebellion

All patches are for version 2.09 of Nightmare of Rebellion.

Version 0.01b

Images 0.01c

Images 0.01d

Detailed Patch
Detailed Patch with Doppel Rate Up
Detailed Patch with Doppel and Drop Rate Up

List of Doppel Rates for Doppel Rate Patch

Devil of Decline ~ Banquet

All patches are for version 3.03 of Devil of Decline.

Version 0.01

Faster Element Leveling Patch (Half Requirements)
Faster Element Leveling Patch (Adjusted Curve), includes Detailed Patch (still in beta, weapon descriptions not changed, some typos in skill descriptions)
Faster Element Leveling Patch (Adjusted Curve) with no Element Level Spark requirement, includes beta Detailed Patch

Touhou Quest ~ Infinite Spellcard

(None yet)

Marisa no Kirisame Mahouten (Marisa's Kirisame Magic Shop)

(None yet)

Phantasmal Summoners 2 ~ Tag Duelist

(None yet)


So back to the discussion from earlier (BEAT THAT DEAD HORSE INTO DUST), I'm curious now; it's totally possible to confirm whether it's simply the unpacker not converting things back into a spreadsheet well. You could try unpacking a plain unedited full-jp item table, converting it to txt, converting it back without touching it, and seeing if it's broken. If it is, then WELP, that's literally it unless the unpacker magically works correctly under a different windows version (are you on 10?) or korean locale or something, which sounds highly unlikely to be something that's a real thing. If it DOESN'T break until you save it with a different program, well... maybe notepad doesn't break it even though notepad++ does???? :V:VV:VV:V:V

But no I don't actually have any reason to believe the situation will get better than it is now, just figure may as well make a few simple suggestions to see if they've been knocked out yet.

Given that even extracting the files in Korean locale leads to a broken mess, even just extracting right from the Korean patched version... I'm just going to believe it's some odd encoding error and I dunno what to do. I'm on Windows 8 but that shouldn't affect too much. The problem I believe is that somehow, symbols that require at least two bytes (kanji, symbols, etc.) are getting broken. Anything that is single-width doesn't, probably because for some reason, the game is interpreting things that are two bytes large as two things that are a single byte large. I'm no master at encoding or at messing with archive extraction, so as it stands, there's not a lot I can do at the moment to fix the problem. Makes me wonder how it was managed on the Korean end.

EDIT: Instead of continuing on the item.srsdb tonight (because holy hell that is so long and confusing I need a break from it for a bit and just work on other aspects), I went ahead and tested to see if mauve's old global.srb related tools still worked.

Works like a charm still. Your legacy lives on, mauve.

I'm not sure what's actually going in the second part of that post, but things going wonderfully right is always a good thing!

...the other issue still bothers me because the koreans clearly didn't have that problem considering they translated it to, well, korean, but, since it's a very minor problem for an -english- patch, I'll just forget about it.


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