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Official Touhou Project Magazine 2016: w/ Uni Akiyama and ZUN's music CD

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This sounds great. A set similar to Bougetsushou may be too much for newcomers... Still, one can dream.


--- Quote from: Linnah on August 13, 2015, 08:31:52 PM ---Oh?  I haven't read EaBND at all so I've no idea what the appendix could have that would be considered infamous.  Got curious - What's it about?

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One of EaBND's volumes had an appendix section with character introductions and whatnot. These were sections that looked like this, but with various errors in portraits, names and text, described in the link above.

I forgot to mention that "Outer World" could be a reference to the groundbreaking game "Another World", alternatively titled "Out of This World" in the U.S., and "Outer World" in Japan.

Another thing is that in today's Japanese vernacular, the loanword クリエータ "creator" is used exclusively to refer to artistic creatives.

On a completely unrelated note, Pori☆Pori Club (a web show ZUN is a "regular guest" in) had a public event in June 14, where each panelist presented one or two games they wanted to recommend. ZUN's recommendation was STARWHAL.

This game is now part of the "beat the average" bonus in the weekly Humble Bundle. Keep in mind it is a local multiplayer game without an online mode.


--- Quote from: PK on August 13, 2015, 03:32:48 PM ---Does this mean FS and/or WaHH are coming to an end?

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I'd say it's likely, but you could make a case for either. WaHH has been going a long time and I've read constant speculation of Febri being in trouble with cancellation imminent. Accordingly, WaHH would either have to go with it or be moved to another Ichijinsha magazine, like Comic Rex, as speculated. Though I don't know how accurate those rumors were.

However, it would be easier on ZUN if the monthly serialization, FS, was dropped. I'd say WaHH is closer to resolution than FS, though. And frankly, I wonder if people don't just want to see her secrets laid out already and are getting a bit tired of it (simply basing this on how popular Kasen was before, but not so much anymore, even after ULiL), but I know ZUN only abides by his wishes.

Frankly, I never thought WaHH was going to last this long, since I thought it was just going to be a limited 20-something chapter series like SSiB. But both WAHH and FS have taken up the world-building mantle of the Three Fairies manga where it's just a bunch of short stories about Gensokyo. There can be room for both, but since FS gave us something never really seen before (life in the Human Village, Human-Youkai relations and politics, etc.), I'd rather that one be kept. I think there's still more to be done with it.

In the end, it depends a lot on if this magazine is a monthly or bi-monthly thing, but I would bet on bi-monthly. Though I would like FS to be kept, I just have a feeling it won't be based on ZUN's current workload. But for all we know, it'll be WAHH to go, or both.


--- Quote from: Validon98 on August 13, 2015, 04:58:01 PM ---I think it's referring to the Outside World more than anything, especially since it seems to have focus on the fandom aspects of the series.

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--- Quote from: Clarste on August 13, 2015, 08:04:12 PM ---The "Strange Creators of the Outer World" are obviously us, the Touhou fandom of the Outside World. I don't think there's any other possible interpretation.

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Well, yes, i got that. It wasn't clear, but I was talking more about a possible double-meaning, since it'd be a bit weird if the title didn't have anything to do with the stories we are gonna get.


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