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[Art] Custom Danmakufu Sprites + Graphics by Fulisha *TAKING ART COMMISSIONS*

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Fulisha of Light:
I can post freely again, yay :V the 500 curse has been lifted!  :]
I am taking commissions for ZUN style and JynX style art. Send me a note on DA if you're interested~

Still working on my sprites, but I have a tiny update; I plan on making some Nansei sprites in the future as well starting with Miko and Ritsuka:

These are just previews for now, but I'm also working on Miko's shot sheet:

A preview of one of her kunai~

I also plan on releasing all of my Nansei game frames for anyone to use once I manage to revamp and complete them all.  :3

Fulisha of Light:
Bumping thread with an update! I finally finished my Sanae player and she's been added to the OP~ her shots are designed after UFO's (minus bombs)  :D


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