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Okay, so I've noticed occasional confusion when it comes to this, so the purpose of this thread is to help with that, as well as be a resource/directory of IRC game channels.

Just for the sake of clarity, IRC is Internet Relay Chat, and old but still excellent way to connect and chat with people in specific channels at any given time. However, it can be a little confusing sometimes for the uninitiated, but I assure you it's not too bad.

You have a couple ways to get connected! You can use any of many IRC clients (I personally use KVIrc, but you can pick whatever you like most, which you download and install on your computer. Or, you can simply use the Webchat we have here at MotK! All you need to do is change the channel to the one of your choosing at startup. (You can be in as many as you want, of course.)  You don't need to install an IRC client if you don't want to, but it has the benefit of not needing your browser, being easily customized to your liking, and has a lot of features that webchat does not have readily available. You can read more about the webchat client here!

To get started with an installed client, however, takes a little extra setup.
When you start it up for the first time, you'll likely see a blank screen and not much more. Some clients have popups that ask you what channel you want to join. But the easiest way is to simply open a new IRC context (generally it'll make one for you from the get-go, you can always open more if you have other servers you want to connect to) and type in the join server command. MotK's official server is PPIRC. So to get connected, the command (commands will always start with a / ) you need to type will look like this:

--- Code: ---/server irc.ppirc.net
--- End code ---

Press enter, and you will see a bunch of stuff appear on your screen. When you are connected, you can now join channels! To do that, use the command:

--- Code: ---/join #insertchannelhere
--- End code ---

Channels will always start with a #. If you would like to join multiple channels at once, simply add a comma with no space in between the channels, like so:

--- Code: ---/join #channel1,#channel2,#channel3,#channeletc
--- End code ---

If you didn't already choose one from startup dialogs, you should change your nickname (the name people will see as you chat) to something recognizable! The command for that is:

--- Code: ---/nick insertnickhere
--- End code ---

And that's the basics of it! If you're using a client, you can set it up so it will automatically connect to the servers and channels you want it to with a preset nick of your choice. You don't HAVE to but it makes things much easier.

Finally, you can also make your own channel! It's as simple as joining a channel with a name of your choice. You can register it if you like (this will also make your the main op/moderator of the channel and will automatically make you op as you sign in, but only if your nick is registered (if I recall properly). To register a nick and register a channel:

Nick registration:

--- Code: ---/msg nickserv register password email
--- End code ---
To sign into your nick after registry (you can make irc clients do this on startup too):

--- Code: ---/msg nickserv identify nick password
--- End code ---

Channel registration:

--- Code: ---/msg chanserv register channelname password
--- End code ---

With all of that said, here is the part where I need your help.  I don't know of many channels beyond the ones I personally frequent! So I'll list the ones I know and you can submit ones here in this thread, and I'll update this post as a directory.  When submitting, please specify what channel name is, what purpose the channel serves (what game/series/genre is it about?), and what server it is on. Since this is the Akyu's Arcade directory, please limit channel submission to game-related channels only. Please do not submit channels if they are not registered or are not maintained by the person who registered them. Channels that are neglected by the owner will become unregistered automatically by PPIRC after two weeks of absence. I will make all PPIRC channels easily accessible by webchat by providing links in the list below.

Akyu's Arcade IRC Channel Directory
#arks-meido (PPIRC) - Phantasy Star Online 2 channel
#mabi-meido   (PPIRC) - Mabinogi channel
#maidenhack (PPIRC) - Roguelike channel
#maidensofloathing (PPIRC) - Kingdom of Loathing channel
#pokemeido (PPIRC) - Pokemon channel
#puzzleandlibrarians (PPIRC) - Mobile games channel. Mostly Puzzle and Dragons, but occasionally other stuff too.
#smashmaidens (PPIRC) - Super Smash Bros. channel. Spoilers for the new games allowed.


Third Eye Lem:
#sokumaidens is mostly for the Touhou fighting games, but I think it does other fighting games too (like when EVO rolls around). #awesome-meido is for the various "Games Done Quick" charity marathons at Speed Demos Archive. Hope those help.

include #dots-meido (PPIRC) for arts/moba discussion too.

Requesting to add a helpful command to those with registered nicks.  Have you ever had it where suddenly you disconnect and then when you go back in with your old name you get given something like an underscore at the end because your old session didn't go away?  Well, if you're registered, you can use this handy tool to kill off your old one so you can /nick yourself back to normal.

/ns ghost nick password

(You could use /msg nickserv, but /ns works and is much faster.)

Discord's becoming a thing now. I was wondering if we should make a Discord server/sub-channels?


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