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Fan animation from China: Hifuu Club Activity Record

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EDIT: The English version of the website has been up and running. For latest information, you can read the website or skip forward in the thread.

The word has already gotten out in the Japanese fandom, so it should be the right time to publicize it.

Some Chinese Touhou fans have been working on a ridiculously ambitious idea: a fan animation series. I have no deep involvement with the project, but they are my friends, so they do ask me for advice from time to time. Here is the project:

Circle Name: Kyoto Fantasy Troupe
Website: http://kyotofantasytroupe.net/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/fantasytroupe

Chinese/Japanese Title:
秘封活動記録 ~ The Sealed Esoteric History.

English Title:
Hifuu Club Activity Record ~ The Sealed Esoteric History.

This series follows the exploits of Sealing Club, as they reveal the truth behind ancient tales, and discover the forgotten past of Gensokyo.

Character concept art:
Hijiri Byakuren:

Fujiwara no Mokou:

Character designs:



Layout samples:

Background samples:
Rendaino Graveyard:

Bamboo Forest at night:

Hakurei Shrine:

A small preview of storyboard for the first release to be completed in November (video hosted on Chinese servers, might be slow to load).

If you want to embed the video in a page, use this address:
--- Code: ---https://ssl.thvideo.tv/mini.swf?cid=1987-0&.swf
--- End code ---

Once completed, they will release it first at Chinese fan conventions, then in Japan and on the internet. There's no plan for large scale international distribution, but by that time you should have some way of obtaining it.

A Sealing Club fan animation? Yes please!

That is one gorgeous looking Hakurei Shrine.

Oh my, this looks splendid. I am all for anything that gives RenMary the attention they deserve.

Sorry, the English titled should be Hifuu Club Activity Record ~ The Sealed Esoteric History., unless a better idea come to me. I also changed the story description for the better.

I'm heavily interested in this. It looks pretty promising atm.


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