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Ok so I've been wanting to do my own Minecraft server for a while now and my previous attempt's haven't really worked out but recently I've been getting into Feed the Beast but aren't really getting anywhere as I've been playing solo so I've bought a server, and while it isn't a super powerful server or anything as it isn't that expensive since I can't really afford a super expensive ?100 a month server.

I am hoping that once the server is all set up and becomes popular enough, I can start doing donations and stuff to get the server upgraded to something more powerful. I'm also hoping to invest in a VoIP client like Ventrillo or Teamspeak or something similar as everyone on the server can use it at the same time and means we don't need to worry about typing to chat when we're about to get blown up by a Creeper, plus I find talking voice to voice just makes for a more enjoyable experience over all.

But before I can do any of that I need help to set the actual server up such as setting permissions to the different user groups as well as what kind of mods could be on the server among other things I can't think off the top of my head at he moment.

The host I'm renting the server from is Creeper Host as that's the host that was recommended by the FTB site and their prices seem ok for a relatively decent server over all (I'm using the Spider package) and have the FTB Unleashed pack installed and was thinking of having Sphax FTB be forced on the server but decided against it after deciding that not everyone is able to use Sphax PureBD Craft optimally.

Along with the standard mods that the FTB Unleashed pack comes with I have also installed Treecapitator, Better World Generation 4, Alice Dolls Mod and ForgeEssentails, and while I know there's more mods that are essential to running a good server, I don't really know what they are or I haven't been able to find a 1.5.2 compatible forge equivalent of it, such as Lockette which is a great door and chest protection mod and so simple to use but is only compatible with Bukkit sadly (unless someone wants to port it to Forge that is :derp: ) And I am planning to get World Edit too since why WOULDN'T you get World Edit as it's features are just too useful for ANY server!

And finally (at least for now at any rate) I have the whitelist disabled but have got some basic permission groups set up as at least for the moment, and I do have a basic "Guest" group set up, I have the default set to the normal members group so you guys can check out the world and whatnot, but I wouldn't really work on anything too big as I'm planning to have the world be reset (or at least make a new one an dteh current one could be used to build the spawn of the actual world) once the server is all set up accordingly, but we'll see.

The server IP is And when the server is all set up and ready to go I'll probably make a shiny new thread that looks all professional and stuff, but for now I just need help setting the server up for the most part.

I was actually preparing a 1.6.4 mod server using the Technic platform in the meantime, and then this happens. Well then! :V

Being the current admin of the vanilla MC server, perhaps we should coordinate things more - including whitelist/admin management, configuration of Bukkit/Forge/MCPC, modpack extensions (due to the extra mods not present in stock FTB Ultimate), permissions, so on?


--- Quote from: Dr. Steve-O "Evil" Ballmer on October 24, 2013, 05:23:05 AM ---Being the current admin of the vanilla MC server, perhaps we should coordinate things more - including whitelist/admin management, configuration of Bukkit/Forge/MCPC, modpack extensions (due to the extra mods not present in stock FTB Ultimate), permissions, so on?

--- End quote ---
Yeah thats what I was hoping would happen myself, and it's Feed the Beast Unleashed now not Ultimate, Unleashed is the successor to Ultimate and has a bunch more mods in it nd is for Minecraft 1.5.2 and is available on the most recent version of the FTB launcher at http://feed-the-beast.com/ and prolly should've mentioned that on my previous post :V

And I wouldn't mind seeing a Technic server myself since Technic and FTB are rather different, what with Technic being about Space Travel these days and FTB being more akin to Classic Technic, but with more stuff like Thaumcraft and Twilight Forest.

And it seems that Alice Dolls mod needs to be installed clientside in order to let you on the server it seems so I'll disable it for the moment.

Technic actually is a modpack platform - I think you were confusing it with Tekkit and Tekkit Lite (which are on Technic). The thing I like about it is that one can make modpacks with any mods they desire (provided the mod authors are okay with it and no conflicts arise). These modpacks can in turn be downloaded by players via the Technic Launcher, and they can get playing easily with minimal hassle.

IIRC BWG4 and Treecapitator also require client-side installation, going by my testing earlier. No idea about ForgeEssentials since I use MCPC with Bukkit's Essentials plugin on my test configuration.

As for Alice Dolls, I've opted to use littleMaidMob instead because the Alice Dolls mod is incompaible with NotEnoughItems (item spawner + recipe lookup guide, one of my favourite mods).

I'm working on a rough list of mods I'm considering implementing for a mod server. It won't be nearly as many mods as, say, FTB Unleashed, and probably feature-wise more along the lines of Tekkit Lite. A full list will be put up once I deem it stable enough.

Yeah I should prolly stop referring to normal Tekkit as Technic since it confuses people to thinking I'm talking about the launcher and not  the actual modpack like how you download the FTB Unleashed modback via the Feed-The-Beast Launcher, and by default FTB Unleashed has BWG4 installed with it the server version of Unleashed didn't so I had to install that one manually to the server.

Shame about the Alice Dolls mod not being compatible with NEI though with the right know how (which I don't have :V) a Alice Dolls NEI module could be made, though the LitteMaidMob is something to consider too though teh voices might get a tad annoying after a while from what I've heard. and since it's possible to make custom modpacks with both FTB and the Technic launcher, making a custom modpack for our servers shouldn't be that hard too do.

Although it seems that unless I can get permission from the guys that do Optifine, Voxelmod, Traincraft and Xycraft as detailed here https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AsuKLj6RIQ8idFR3cFoxVXQzYVU4U3NLSVF5MnBGUEE#gid=0 those mods are gonna need to be omitted for now.


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