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[MTG] MotK Matches on Cockatrice, MTGO, DoTP


I thought about this briefly and thought about how many people actually play MtG on the forum.

So this is basically a place to arrange and announce various matches on your preferred method of play Magic.

I wanted to plan for a EDH game on Cockatrice, however I'm not sure how many people want to play EDH, or if time zones will be a massive issue depending on how many people will play.
So if people are interested in playing then I'm sure I could sort something out. I'll update this post with any current events and games that will be happening and people who are interested in playing.

I'd love to play. I prefer Modern or draft. EDH is too casual for me :V


--- Quote from: Pesco on October 02, 2013, 12:58:22 PM ---I'd love to play. I prefer Modern or draft. EDH is too casual for me :V

--- End quote ---
Great! I really don't mind which format we play. Is it ok if we wait to see if anyone else wants to join?

That's fine with me. I simply won't have the time to play in the coming weeks right now since I'll be relocating for a job.

Sorry I thought that I should upload this.

Played EDH with someone who had a Krenko deck. 150 Goblins.






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