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So, because it's more useful to have both gameplay and translation separated, here is our thread!

This will be used for progress and sharing our files, testing, bug report, translation suggestions and references.

Update after a very long time:
Current patch for LoT2 Plus Disk

For questions, comments and overall bragging about the game itself, see the current thread

English Wiki
Japanese Wiki
Developper's Website
References and translation document
Older patchs
(1.130) Contains basic menu and battle options translated http://www.mediafire.com/?q5ul571cp0yoxr3
(1.141) Added items, bestiary, achievements, skills and spell names http://www.mediafire.com/?18nstuwpc91ew69 (some menu stuff is still untranslated, spelling mistakes, hex lines errors and missing names are present, this is a test patch)
(1.141): Added system messages, more item description, dialogues for some of the game mechanics http://www.mediafire.com/?99t12rwon6fs2na
(1.151): Mostly fixes, new menu options and achievements. http://www.mediafire.com/?qg5ze3umb27b2jb

Current patch
(1.203): https://www.mediafire.com/?ov09hclzlu69bn5. Full english translation, and image dxa are included in it (Updated 20/09/14)

Qaz, could you share the current string dump with all the translation you've put in already? Just so all of us doing the translation can have everything up to date, it's going to be a bit easier I think to have everything streamlined the same and keep the same format for the way things are written.

http://www.mediafire.com/?b0e1ka46l49r0u2        (9/09/2013)

Here is the current batch of translation files. I'll edit this post as necessary to update the batch, e.g. when 3peso releases a new official patch. I'm open to suggestions for proper collaboration, although I think setting up a svn/git repo is overkill, while dropbox lacks the diffs (I think).

strdump.txt is a complete text dump. Nothing should be missing from this, but if you find something in game please transcribe it and I'll try to track it down. I've removed the filtration that was causing problems... which means it's now even more of a mess.
strdump_current.txt is the complete text dump with all of the translations, all in one place.
Translation_From_LoT1.txt is all of the perfectly matching translations from LoT1. Anything in here should be used again in LoT1 for stuff like item names and all (The main exception is "うふふ", which should be "Ufufu", because Ufufu is the best)
All of the other text files are purely translations. The names should be more or less self explanatory.

The format of these files is simple:
(8 bytes address): <text>
The colon and space are mandatory, just in case I want to add any other fancy stuff to the format. Any line that does not follow that pattern will be ignored. You can use this to add comments if you like, but right now these will not carry over when I port the files to a new patch.

To translate stuff, find the Japanese in the string dump and copy the address. Paste the address with the translation into a new file or as an edit to an existing translation file. Please do not try to edit the string dump directly, that's just too messy. There is no need to keep the lines in order, nor to copy over anything from the stringdump you do not intend to translate.

All files must be saved as ANSI. They absolutely cannot contain any fancy characters outside of Shift-JIS. For example, word's angled quotation marks, apostrophes, and long hyphens. They will show up in game as random Japanese. An example. Japanese is fine, but it's usually a good idea to not mix half-width roman characters with full-width Japanese characters. It can potentially break things.

The only files with special formatting are the dialogue files. Most lines will contain a @. This is a linebreak and will drop the text down to the next line. Do not put any spaces after this character - before is fine if you want it for readability. There is no manual wordwrapping. Treat them the same as any other linebreak - if you need to drop down to a new line, do so, even if the sentence continues in the original and you aren't at the end.

Lines with stuff like "%d" or "%s" are using character substitution. If you need to add a literal %, type in "%%". Please make absolutely certain that you do not change the total number of unpaired percent signs in these lines. "Adds %d% to some stat" will not have the expected results. Instead use "Adds %d%% to some stat"

Please document any and all changes to the translation in the spreadsheet linked in the OP. This is to help maintain consistency with the translation and to make it easier to find and change them in the future if necessary. References should also be mentioned in the spreadsheet for the same reasons. Also, whenever possible, keep translations consistent with the first game. For example, "マエリベリー・ハーン" should be left as "Maribel Han", since that's what she was in the first game (and this is not changing unless ZUN himself explicitly spells out how to romanize her stupid name).

Reserved in case I need to put something here.

A few lines I would like someone to help me with:

This is part of Mystia's Mysterious Song, I've translated them as
(Spell that cures all allies from SIL, and has a chance to cure PAR and HVY.) (not put on japanese because I'm pretty sure of this one)
In addition, if a character was cured of those 2 ailments, the spell will also heal the target.
Since it will only heal when curing PAR and HVY, don't put too much confidence in it.

I think I've translated right, but I haven't been able to make the spell heal any character, no matter what debuffs were removed.

Part of Momiji's Expellee's Canaan

PHYS spell that targets all enemies, becomes complete with its three point low delay (?)
Second part doesn't make much sense to me.


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