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[RO] HatOnline Renewal! Back again!

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HatOnline is back and with third jobs and all that Renewal junk!
Rates: 7.5x/7.5x/10x (for the time being, may/probably will be changed)
Client download: http://www.shrinemaiden.org/fate/hatonlinere/HatOnlineRE-Full-4-8-2013.zip (includes latest update)
Latest manual update: http://www.shrinemaiden.org/fate/hatonlinere/HatOnlineRE-Patcher-4-8-2013.zip
IRC channel: #hathathat on irc.ppirc.net (webchat link)

Just unzip and run HatOnlineUpdater.exe

FYI this is a full reset, nothing from the old server was retained. I checked my backups and apparently the SQL dump I took was completely empty :D! Even if it could work you'd likely have to completely reset for Renewal.

Handy links for Renewal information:

HatOnline is a semi-private Ragnarok Online server for the MotK community.  The goal is to strive for perfect parity with the current kRO Renewal client and content.  While most servers like to screw with the game and add in all sorts of random nonsense, we believe the core game is being sacrificed as a result.  There's also a lot of things eAthena has done wrong over the years and we would like to pride ourselves on being the most accurate reproduction of the core kRO game.

That being said there's still some things the base game does wrong, so we're not above changing those things as long as it doesn't change the core gameplay.  Rates are set at 77 5 7.5x XP and 99 2.5 10x item drop to remove much of the tedium in building a new character.  We've added in support for the official cash shop items and set the exchange rate at 100k 1mil zeny per 100 cash points.  Episode 13 content and third job content will not be enabled for the time being. Things that have historically been broken, such as bad MVP behavior and other omissions are also getting worked on to bring the server in line with the official RO servers. Renewal is in, all content up to 14.1 should be enabled and fully working. Third classes, Kagerou/Oboro (Ninja second job), the works. All stats, skills, mob info and quests are in line with iRO Renewal settings.

So join us, and help us make this a new addition to the MotK community.  Oh, and if you join now you get a free hat of your choosing!  Any hat :3c

1:  Download HatOnline Renewal FULL 4-8-2013.zip and unzip
2:  Launch HatOnlineUpdate.exe

Please see here for setting up Wine for your respective distribution.
According to Ammy, as of Wine 1.4.1 you should be able to launch HatOnlineRE.exe as-is without any additional work. HatOnlineUpdate.exe should work as well.

If you ever get crashes or are unable to login with error messages about EXE being out of date, please check for any updates first.

First time you login, put down username_m or username_f (not "username" but the username you want), _m for male and _f for female gender, for your login name, then every time after that login with just your desired username.  To get your free hat just send me a PM with your character name and your desired hat (link to it from http://ratemyserver.net so I can have an item_id please!)

Handy tips
To talk to everyone on the server just shout! Your chat will be globally spammed to everyone with no intervention required.

@who/@who2 - Who's online/what's their class and character/job level
@where <player> - Locate a player
@channel - Create or join chat channels
@autoloot <percent> - Autoloot items dropped at <percent> rate or lower
@autotrade - Accept all trade requests
@showexp - Show XP earned per kill
@showzeny - Show zeny earned
@rates - Server rates
@uptime - Server uptime
@exp - Current XP/Job XP amount
@mobinfo <mob> - Info on a monster
@iteminfo <item> - Info on an item
@whodrops <item> - Who drops x item (sorted by highest drop rate)
@time - Show server time
@petrename - Rename your pet
@party <name> - Create a party
@duel - Duel someone, use @invite to invite someone, @leave to leave, @accept/@reject to accept or reject invites
@noask - Ignore all trade/friend/chat requests
@feelreset - Reset remembered maps for Star Gladiators/TKMs

Dormio Ergo Sum:
Running a (to-be) priest and monk named Dormio and Caedo respectively.
No clue if I'll make anything else.

Never played RO b4 but everyone seems to be in love with it. I'll give it a try.

Okay so FA Ranger clearly works right?

Lol FA ranger.
I don't have a clue what works or doesn't work anymore, renewal completely jacked with the ATK/DEF formulas and stuff.



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