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Give me post tags to add!


See those dumb message icons next to your thread title, you know like

To further stylize this forum and give it a bit of unique flair I'm requesting the artists of MoTK to make a set of them for the various thread types we have around here.  Here's a list of what I'm looking for:

* A tag for each "official"/"numbered" game, TH1-12, IaMP, SWR, etc.
* A tag for doujin games, art, comics, music, etc (touhou)
* A tag for danmakufu scripts/games
* A tag for questions and answers
* A tag for various generic subjects like games or news or movies or food or anime etc.
* Silly tags for Cirno board
Image size has to be 60x15 like those dumb tags you see on everyone's blog, PNG preferred.  Please try to get me these as soon as possible and don't steal them from SA or blogs, I want original ones please!  I'm actually looking to do the first major code update on the new forums and a tag system (with sorting now that it's working) is the next upgrade I had in mind.

You said you needed new tags, right? Well, aside from (being an idiot) I make sprites. So yeah, the first one looks like a Tamagotchi character xD Second tag is me (Insanity Sakuya). The last is a simple ⑨ icon. Oh, and these are for the Cirno boards.


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