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Let's discuss Touhou doujinshi! This is perhaps one of my favourite aspects of Touhou aside from the music. I enjoy them so much that I've started two doujin projects of my own (both unfinished. I suppose I'll wrap them up over the summer).

Anyhow, here is where you can tell others about your favourite titles, doujin circles/artists, recommendations for others, doujins currently untranslated which you want to read, what you might want to see in a doujin, etc.

Let's kick off with Tohonifun and his chronicles of Yukari's past. I'm a fan of Yukari (thus my avie) and Tohonifun's version of Yukari's past gives so much depth to the persona that is Yukari. I particularly like the twist with her pursuit of Kyuubi throughout the centuries. I'm still not sure what the significance of the Lunar invasion was, or of Sakuya's appearance, but it was a still pretty nice glimpse into his version of the lunar capital (plus little Yuka was ridiculously amusing). Probably what I found most twisted was the truth behind Al-Hazred's death (of Necromnicon fame in Lovecraft). Somehow it was so fitting.

And off course most of us know of Yukari Vs Yuka, Wriggle Vs. SDM, and Sakuya Vs. Youmu.

And then there's Wi-Z Garage and his Cho-Marisa and her abs. Manly Spark has never been so manly. But Wi-Z garage upped the badass bar from Cho-Marisa up to whole new heights with his 30. I don't know. After reading that I felt I had to impale something, set it on fire, and dance a savage war dance while banging my shield around it....and I'm usually an ardent pacifist, mind you. Still, interesting how the 8 million deities ended up as cannon fodder in this one.

Demour402 is another personal favourite of mine. I particularly like his/her Alpha and Omega - a story about Marisa leaving Gensokyo for a life in the outside world. His/her 'New Moon' was really touching. Somehow, ReimuxMarisa is one of the few yuri/shoujo-ai pairings I could really tolerate, just because they're so sweet. Then there's Queen Milennia which was simply one amazing blast from start to finish. His/her 'Better Tomorrow' (I think that was the title) is my personal favourite, perhaps one of the funniest (long) touhou doujins I've read so far. Too bad it hasn't been properly edited, though there is a translation text file available.

Other favourite artists/circles include Clash House, Happy Flame Time, Asatsuki-Dou, Personal colour, Big Brother Generation, Rocket-Fuel, Can't Fix the Helmet, Fuantei (utterly random), Haniwa's Store (MIKOMIKOSUIKA!), FlipFlops, One-Night-Stand (ADVENT CIRNO!), Sougetsu-Tei, Saku-Saku-Tei, Water Cushion, Vissionerz, and a few others. I'll speak more about each later.

At the moment I'm waiting for Haniwa Store's MikoMikoSuika 4 (TENSHI!) and FlipFlops' 'Autumn of a Touhou Town' (I think that was it) to complete the entire 4 season set.

I might as well take this opportunity to thank the doujinshi scanlation team for their gallant efforts in bringing more touhou into our lives every day.

And while we're on the topic, I suppose now's a good a time as any to ask this question. Anyone remember a doujin featuring Mokou helping out at the shrine as a shrine maiden (with Marisa, Sakuya, Youmu, and Alice) in preparation for a festival? I'm sure I've read it but I can't remember the title and it's a pain to sort through my touhou doujin folder...
A letter has arrived.

by One-Way-Ticket that published it..

i was reading it earlier this day, always on the deskop to my comp..

and my fave groups are:

One Night Stand
Happy Flame Time
Ice Rain
Hole of Yago
One Way Ticket

I like Aki-Eda's work too.
I'm not entirely sure on my favourite doujin artist nowadays.

At one point it was Chado due to his Yuka vs Yukari which was pure awesome.

Wriggle vs SDM was lacking the awesome.

His Yukari vs Ran was horrible and I now hate his work as a result, terrible, terrible, terrible story.

As of late, I've been more aligned with the light-hearted ones, since all the action ones seem to be nowadays is power-level trolling, which I don't approve of.
Dizzy H. "Muffin" Muffin:
Happy Flame Time is one of my favorite circles. They are made of cute and funny. I don't really have many favorites apart from that, though Water Cushion seems to have an interesting ... philosophical sense, and their "Time of the Full Moon" is epic.
Happy Flame Time is my favorite too. Their stories are ridiculous and why Reimu and Marisaa always become the bad guys?
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