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Welcome to the official MotK Minecraft server!
Live Map:
Ops: Stuffman (Stuffman42) and Dr. Strafe (Dr_Strafe)

NOTICE! This is a Whitelisted server! That means you cannot join unless I've added you to our Whitelist. If you'd like to request access, simply PM me or Dr. Strafe (remember to give us your Minecraft username!!). Note that this means you must be a member of MotK to join; if you've obviously only joined the forum to get access to the server, then I'll likely deny the request. This is due to griefing problems we've had with outsiders in the past. Sorry!

Running Minecraft v1.3.1 with Bukkit.
Current plugins in use:
Borderguard: Limits the size of each world. If you move past the border, you'll be teleported back to it.
dynmap: Enables the Live Map linked above.
EndReset: Automatically regenerates the End a certain amount of time after everyone has left it (currently 2 hours), Enderdragon, Crystals, and all.
LogBlock: Logs all changes to blocks and chests. Anti-griefing tool.
LWC (Lightweight Chest Protection): Allows you to lock your chests, furnaces, doors, etc to stop people from stealing your stuff.
Essentials: Provides a wide variety of utility commands.
Multiverse: Allows us to have multiple worlds.
PearlXP: Allows you to store XP in Ender Pearls.
PermissionsBukkit: Controls access to other plugins.
RecipeManager: Allows us to create custom recipes.
WorldEdit: Allows ops to make large-scale edits to the map. Contact us if you'd like to make a request, but you'd better have a good reason!
WorldGenerationControl: Allows ops to generate maps without exploring them manually. Hopefully you'll never see this while it's active, since it causes a lot of lag.
WorldGuard: Provides various protections to players and the map.


world - Our main world is pregenerated at 6400 x 6400, and is intended to be the main place of residence for our players.
world_nether - The Nether also has a maximum size of 6400 x 6400, but it is not pregenerated. Nether portals will only function in the main world. Glowstone deposits may be regenerated occasionally.
world_the_end - Unfortunately we are still working on a reliable solution for regenerating the end so that people can fight the Enderdragon without an op spawning it. In any case, The End will frequently be deleted and regenerated, so don't plan on anything lasting there for long.
world_flat - Presenting the new flatworld! It is a 1600 x 1600 expanse of nothing but grass. Animals and mobs do not spawn here. This world is for art projects. Players are not permitted to have their homes here, however.
world_adventure - A chaotic world that will be deleted and changed about every two weeks. Build here at your own risk, since it will be deleted without warning! But great riches await those who explore it.

Here's a list of the nonstandard stuff you can do with the plugins we have installed.

Essentials commands:
/afk - Notes you as AFK (away-from-keyboard) so people know you're not there at the moment. Automatically ends when you move a short way.
/compass - gives you the direction you're facing.
/depth - gives you your current depth/height in the world.
/getpos - give you your current coordinates in the world.
/help - gives you a full list of all the commands you have access to.
/ignore - lets you ignore the text of people you don't like.
/list - lists everyone currently on the server.
/mail - lets you send and check messages from other players.
/MЕ - use this to emote an action, i.e. /me eats a Gwahaha.
/motd - displays the MotD.
/msg - lets you send a private message to another player. Use /r to quickly respond to someone that just messaged you.
/near - lists nearby players.
/realname - tells you the real username of a player that has a nickname (indicated by a ~ in front of their name). Only ops can set nicknames, ask us if you want one.
/seen - tells you when a player was last online.
/spawn - teleports you to spawn in the main world.
/home - teleports you to your home position.
/sethome - saves your current position as your home.
/warp - provides a list of all warp points available. Use /warp warp_name to warp to teleport to that warp point.

LWC commands:
When you use an LWC command, you'll be asked to hit the chest you want to apply the command to. Protected chests can't be destroyed by anyone but the person that made them.
/cprivate - use this to create a private chest. Only you (and ops) can open it.
/cpassword - use this to create a chest with a password. Anyone that knows the password can access it.
/cremove - removes protections from the chest.
See here for other, more advanced LWC functions.

Using Logblock:
There are two tools that will allow you to see Logblock data.
1) tool - right-click a block with the Logblock tool (in our case, a stick) to see its history.
2) toolblock - place a toolblock (in our case, bedrock) in a space to see its history.
History is logged up to 7 days. world, world_nether, and world_flat are all being logged, but world_the_end is not.
/lb toolblock - gives you a toolblock. (Since a toolblock will immediately return to your inventory after being placed, you can't actually use the bedrock that this command gives you.)

Using PearlXP:
Want to head off on an exciting adventure, but worried about losing your XP? Worry no more! PearlXP allows you store XP inside Ender Pearls.

Each Ender Pearl can store up to 170 XP, enough to take you from level 0 to level 10. To store XP in an Ender Pearl, simply hold one and left click (be careful not to right-click and throw it by accident!!). When you do so, your XP will be transferred to the pearl, and it will take on the appearance of an Eye of Ender. To regain the XP, left-click while holding the Eye, and it will give you the XP and tranform back into a plain Ender Pearl.

Pearls with XP inside them can't be stacked.

Custom Recipes:
Here are the custom recipes enabled by RecipeManager.

Mossy Cobblestone:

Mossy Stone Brick:
[stone brick]

Broken Stone Brick (yields 2):
[stone brick]
[stone brick]

Engraved Stone Brick (yields 4):
[stone brick] [stone brick]
[stone brick] [stone brick]

Nether Brick:
Smelt netherrack in a furnace

[soul sand] [soul sand] [soul sand]
[soul sand] [soul sand] [soul sand]
[soul sand] [soul sand] [soul sand]

[string] [empty] [string]
[empty] [string] [string]
[string] [empty] [string]

Chain Armor:
Build any armor piece out of iron fence

Mass colored wool (yields 4):
This allows you to color four blocks of wool at a time with one dye, increasing efficiency.
[empty] [dye] [empty]
[empty] [wool] [empty]
[wool] [wool] [wool]
Improved from the last version, the wool used in this recipe can be any mix of colors.

Warp Points:
Would you like to construct a public warp point? Now you can!! However, it is costly to do so.

If you would like to create a warp point you must flawlessly reproduce a SHRINE OF GAPS. A standalone shrine can be found in world_flat for inspection.

The materials you will need a for a SHRINE OF GAPS are as follows:
- 1 diamond block
- 4 iron blocks
- 36 endstone
- 32 obsidian
- 9 glowstone
- 4 netherrack (you may omit the flames on the netherrack if you have fire safety concerns)
- 2 signs (with the name of the warp inscribed on them)

Once you have perfectly reproduced a Gap Shrine, you may submit it to me for inspection. If it is found to be flawless, I shall protect it and create a permanent warp point on it for anyone to use! You may construct a Gap Shrine anywhere except The End.

Current warp points:
spawn - Spawn in the main world.
world_flat - Center of world_flat.
Ahreynn - A desert town near the bottom of the map.
Aria - A future reproduction of the town Neo-Venezia from Aria on a huge grassy island in the southwest ocean.
Castlevania - A tribute to the classic castle of chaos on a small hilly continent to the far west.
Desert - The desert just north of Spawn, next to a colosseum.
Hakutown - A large town to the south with buildings owned by many players, well known for its huge walls.
Houraiville - A mostly cosmetic town in the plains far to the east.
Infernal - The Infernal Republic, a fortress on the desert beach furthest to the north.
Knoxville - A huge, snowy city of stone in the rolling icy plains at the southeast corner of the map.
Shazbot - An enormous fortress occupying an entire island in the northeast ocean.
SkyCity - A city under construction upon a gigantic flying stone slab above the southwest ocean.
Tanuki - A lovely scenic area with a high school nearby on the northwest continent.
Worldship - A UFO-like flying garden above the west ocean.
WumboMelons - A truly breathtaking land, made entirely of melons, poised in the sky above the mushroom island in the west ocean.


1) This is a friendly community!
- No killing other players.
- No breaking, altering, or otherwise messing with other players' stuff.
- No stealing from other players.
2) Keep our spawn clean!
- Please refrain from building "poverty art", or intentionally unsightly structures, in high-traffic public areas, such as spawn.
- A Donation Hall has been created for donation chests. No beggar chests outside of it!
3) No squatters in flatworld!
- world_flat is for art projects only. You can build houses for display, but you cannot put your actual base here. To be more specific, you may not place furnaces or use chests for anything other than short term storage of building materials for the project in question. If you are found to be breaking this rule, you will be warned once, and if you persist your possessions will be mercilessly destroyed. >:D

That should do it. Everything should be working normally, but if you find any bugs, please report them!

No imports yet, so you're in survival mode 'til me and Strafe get started on it. However, you should at least have everything that was in your inventory.

GET HYPE! Connecting now! :getdown:

New Infernal Republic is located, established, and ready for imports. Totally relevant to everyone else. :V

Well I guess i'll actually play this time instead of asking to be added to the whitelist and only play once before getting distracted by alot of stuff.

Probably not a good idea to play when I want to locate nether forts while I have upwards of 1000 ping though


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